“Welcome to Town!” Gifts

“Welcome to Town!” Gifts

Whether it’s a wedding, bachelorette party, girls weekend, family reunion, a summertime vacation or friends visiting from out of town, it’s fun to create a cute little gift to welcome the out-of-towners to your home.

Let’s get real. This takes the pressure off you to entertain or show your guests around. Hey, you’re busy and they can be high maintenance. Just sayin’.

Creating a “Welcome Gift” doesn’t have to be pricey. You can pull together things that you’ll use during your celebration, something that reflects the vibe of your city or create a theme.

Here are some super-cute examples linked to the creators so you can find out more about each gift.

tea gift by Martha Stewart weddings on organizedCHAOSonline.com

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

welcome gift martha stewart weddings on organizedCHAOSonline

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings
nashville welcome gift style me pretty organizedCHAOSonline

Source: Style Me Pretty

vodka welcome gift martha stewart weddings organizedCHAOSonline

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

snack welcome gift You Are My Fave organizedCHAOSonline

Source: You are my Fave

milk and donuts Hostess with the Mostess organizedCHAOSonline

Source: Hostess With the Mostess

merrymaking must haves - organizedCHAOSonline.com

Source: Lovely Package

welcome bag blue canary events organizedCHAOSonline

Source: Blue Canary Events

style me pretty warm welcome gift organizedCHAOSonline

Source: Style Me Pretty

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How To Send Digital Cards and Invitations

How To Send Digital Cards and Invitations

How to Send Digital Cards and Invitations | organizedCHAOSonlineIsn’t life funny? Back in the old days people wrote letters and sent them in the mail to keep in touch. Whaaat? Then the digital world happened and we were able to send cards online and our letters were replaced with email. With technology growing and our lives becoming more fast-paced, we were opting for quicker communication tools. For the most part, it worked. The only downside was that although the thought was still there, that personal touch became lost in the process.

Now that the generic online card sending novelty has worn off a bit, people are seeking out ways to combine the past and the present by using services that allow efficiency but still provide the personalization options.

Below is an excerpt from our eBook that gives you a few resources for sending personalized cards and invitations online…

Personalized Cards

Even with the convenience of our digital world, there’s still nothing like receiving a personally written card in the mail, but quite honestly, most of us don’t have the time. We’ve found a happy medium that we love. We use SendOutCards. This company lets you create cards online and even upload your own handwriting. It’s the coolest thing! We make cards online and then SendOutCards prints the cards and sends the hard copy to our chosen recipient. You can also choose gifts, candles, gift cards and more to be sent with your card, and they take care of it all for you. The reason we’re such big fans is that SendOutCards also doubles as a customer management system. When you send the card, your customer’s name address, birthday, anniversary, etc is saved in the built in address book. You are given the option to have reminders sent to you in advance of the occasions you’ve stored with your customer or friends’ contact information so that you can get a card created and sent. It works like a charm and it’s all self-contained!

Paperless Post is another site we use. At one time, it was 100% digital cards and invitations. The digital card would be emailed and upon opening it, the message would be displayed in really creative ways. Now, Paperless Post is offering actual paper cards. Sure, it goes against their name “Paperless” but it’s another great option to connect.

Invitations and Guest Tracking

You can also use Paperless Post for invitations and even to sell tickets for a larger than personal event. These invitations aren’t free but there are a couple of options that are free.

evite. It’s a long-time email/digital invitation website. You can send email invitations for anything from a small birthday party to an annual business event. Your “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe” guests will be tracked, comments can be made, and reminders can be sent out. It’s a very simple site to use.

Equally as simple is Punchbowl which offers party invites (via email) as well as digital cards. Punchbowl partners with some bigger companies, so this site tends to lean toward a blog type of resource listing the top invites, trends and tips as well as offering email invitations and digital cards (for a fee).

For more tips and tricks, resources and how-to’s to for becoming efficient and learning ways to simplify your small business, download Take Your Business Online

If you have any questions, just comment below. We respond to ALL comments!

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Wedding Idea: Easy Address Collection

Wedding Idea: Easy Address Collection

Look in your phone right now. How many physical addresses do you have? Me = 7. I have no idea how those addresses go into my phone, either, because I NEVER ask anyone for their address. If I need to get to their house, I’ll plug it into my maps and off I go.

This poses a problem when you’re sending out wedding invitations. While the world seems to be moving in fast-forward utilizing technology for just about everything, parts of wedding planning and traditions still remain the same. This may be a bit of insanity on our part or the sweetness and almost only opportunity to actually send something in the mail that is beautiful and holds such a happy meaning. It’s: The Wedding Invitation. Coming soon to a mailbox near you.

Don’t waste time doing it the “old fashioned” way.

So…how do you get the addresses quickly and keep them all in one place?

click to see postable.com

We’re pretty impressed with what Postable offers. You create an account, are given a link and then you email the link to friends and family. They will click on the link, enter their contact information (as in, those elusive addresses) and all of the data will be saved in your account. Just  head on into your Postable account and you’ll see all of your new contact information. Download or export the list and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a full guest list for invitations. How easy is that?

Next step: How do you address these suckers? If you are having invitations created, you can ask them about etiquette. If you’d like to take a peek on your own and figure out your wording, see the below image.

sample format

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DIY: Printables, Printables, Printables!

DIY: Printables, Printables, Printables!

DIY cupcake flags free printable

This is a slippery slope, I tell ya. There are literally hundreds of free printables within this post. Once we started looking for them, we just couldn’t stop. What started out as a quick post, turned into an afternoon of blog stalking, and hundreds of mind-splitting ideas.

From wedding programs to kids activity books to thank you cards, it’s all here. Simply click on the image and you’ll be transported to the originator’s website.

Happy DIY-ing!

vintage post cards free printables

Vintage Post Cards – Bittbox

wedding invitations free printables

Custom wedding invites: Wedding Chicks

mad lib free printable

Wedding Mad Libs – Love vs. Design

photo booth printables free

Photo Booth Printables – Catch My Party

wedding banner free template

Just Married Banner – Martha Stewart

bottle labels free printable

Hundreds of Chevron Prints – Fab n Free

activity book free printable

Activity Book – Lovely Indeed

photo booth sign free printable

Photo Booth Sign – Wedding Chicks

wedding newsletter free printable

Wedding Newsletter – Martha Stewart

straw flags free printable

Straw Flags – Polka Dot Bride

seed packet free printable

Seed Packet – Just Something I Made

vintage lunch bag free printable

Vintage Lunch Bag – Funkytime

wedding shower free printables

Wedding Shower Printables – Homemade Simple

tags free printable

Jar Tag – Eighteen 25

chalkboard place cards free printable

Chalkboard Place Cards – Wedding Chicks

wedding favor bags free printable

Favor Bags – DIY Wedding

chalk label free template printable

Chalk Label – World Label

paper fortune teller

Paper Fortune Teller – Skip to My Lou

thank you card free printable

Bicycle Thank You Card – The Sweetest Occasion

…and this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find printables for almost anything you need if you just do a little digging.  What kind of printables, templates or spreadsheets are you looking for?

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Bachelorette Party Survivial Kit

Bachelorette Party Survivial Kit

bachelorette party survival kit

It’s time to break out the ol’ survival kit!

My aunt contacted me the other day to see if she could share my email address with a friend of hers. They are coming to Nashville for a bachelorette party. Um…YES you can share my email address IF I can crash the party!

A little while back, I made a bridesmaid emergency kit. Really, it’s for the bachelorette party…or your typical Friday night.


  • Bucket
  • Diet Coke
  • Vodka (mini)
  • Skinny Cow bar
  • Rubber bands (slide proof)
  • Kleenex
  • Gum
  • Wisps brushes
  • Burt’s Bees Chapstick
  • Advil
  • TUMS
  • Tide to-go mini
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Fab Feet Blisstick (blister protector)

Total Cost: $35

Additional items you can add: scented lotion, small brush, mini-makeup kit and comfy shoes.

The only thing left out is a brown paper bag for your unmentionables the next morning. Yes, I just went there. Let’s be real, shall we? Side note: The walk of shame can actually be just a normal walk back to your car, really. I think I’ll create a Morning After Survival Kit for some people to keep in their car or purse. Freshen that face and apply some smelly-goods (oh, and change your clothes, for heavens sake). Coming soon.

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