14 Things to Pack in Your Beach Bag

14 Things to Pack in Your Beach Bag


It’s always a crap shoot when you’re headed to the beach. What can you pack that is practical, will keep you entertained and will also keep you safe from the sun?

Well, we know a few people who live near the beach and they have given us a list of what you’ll need for a quick beach trip.

  1. Beach Bag. Keep it light, don’t get too fancy and choose one you’re not afraid of getting wet or all sandy. You can make a pretty rad bag out of duct tape. Wanna? HERE is the simple tutorial.
  2. After sun lotion. This will keep your skin hydrated after being exposed to the hot sun.
  3. Surf Spray. Keep your hair hydrated, too. You don’t want your head to look like it’s sprouting straw.
  4. Lip balm with sunblock. Have you ever burned your bottom lip? Nuff said.
  5. Sun hat. Not only do you look absolutely adorable but this will keep the sun from your face and, most importantly, your scalp. But, seriously, adorable.
  6. Sunglasses. Go for ones that have UV protection. You want to be able to see in your old age.
  7. Sunblock. Duh. Reapply every 2 hours. Here’s some interesting information (from Queen Oprah) about choosing your SPF.
  8. Umbrella. While this isn’t necessary and not something you have lying around, if you’re headed out with the family, this is a good option to create shade when you get a little tired of the UV rays gettin’ all up in your business.
  9. A towel. My mom always told me, ‘When shaking out the sand, make sure to shake AWAY from people.’ Also, ‘Your shoes go on the sand, not on the towel‘. Nobody likes sand in their eyes.
  10. Coconut water. You can bring regular water but coconut water will hydrate the heck out of you. Plus, it tastes really good. Well, not the plain stuff. That’s just gross.
  11. Snacks. Choose healthier snacks or you’ll just feel like a lazy bum eating crap on the beach. Try dried fruit or trail mix. You’ll want to replenish your body and maintain energy so you can enjoy your time at the beach.
  12. Baby powder. Once you’re off the beach, you’ll have sand stuck in places you don’t remember touching the beach. Apply some baby powder and those granules come right off. It’s a cool trick.
  13. Waterproof bag for phone. Better safe than sorry. You can go ghetto like me and put your phone in a zip lock bag or you can get serious about it and buy a CHEAP waterproof cover for that phone. Besides, you’ll need to post beach pics on Instagram.
  14. Kindle or iPad. Read a book or magazine or even watch movies while at the beach. It passes the time and you’re entertained. I always get bored at the beach unless I have a variety of things to do. I’m not an ocean swimmer. Wow, that made me sound snotty. It’s a shark thing. And a ‘people have peed in that water for hundreds of years’ thing.

Items to wear:

  • Swimsuit
  • Cover Up
  • Flip Flops

To get any of the items in the image above and to check out our beach store, click HERE. Kate Spade sunglasses? Yes, please!

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42 Sunburn Remedies that Work

42 Sunburn Remedies that Work


I was visiting my dad’s house and while I was there, we went out on the boat all day. I had sunblock on and even reapplied! This STILL happened.

sunburn remedies

Look familiar?

We’ve asked anyone and everyone for their sunburn relief feedback. You all came up with some awesome ideas!

Starting with you organizedCHAOSonline facebook friends, here’s a list of 43 sunburn remedies from over-the-counter lotions to some odd-sounding solutions.

  1. ALOE VERA, COCONUT OIL AND PURE HONEY. Lucy Polovitch recommends running it all together on your skin. Then, wear something old so your sheets don’t get oily. The next morning, the burn should be gone.
  2. ALOE VERA WITH LIDOCAINE (REFRIGERATED). Dina Whitehead, Jennifer Geiselhardt and Angella Schwartz are firm believers.
  3. SCOTCH. Matthew Allen always has practical feedback.
  4. WHITE CIDER VINEGAR. Stephanie Vitale recommends this home remedy even though it’s stinky…it’s effective. Add 1 cup to bath water. We also received a similar comment from someone who soaks towels in vinegar and lays them on the burn for about 30 minutes. Then, she rubs aloe vera with lidocaine over the burn.
  5. NOXZEMA. Tina Milbourn’s go-to is an old standby.
  6. LIME JUICE. Marcy Britt was given this tip in Barbados. It’s similar to the vinegar remedy but smells better.
  7. VINEGAR AND COCO BUTTER. Angie Summers also says that vinegar and water (much like above) works just as well.
  8. LAVENDER OIL. Sarah Baize says the oil works for both sunburns and just regular ol’ burns.
  9. VITAMIN C. Get the chewable kind. According to Lynn Bertrand, her little pale freckled red-headed boy was given this tip by a pediatrician. The vitamin pulls the toxins out of your system and the burn fades within a day.
  10. BREAST MILK. Right now, Hilary Herron uses it on her sunburn. I guess if it’s available near you or in you, go for it!
  11. BURT’S BEES AFTER SUN LOTION (with aloe)
  12. WINDEX. This screams “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” doesn’t it?
  13. MAYONNAISE. Rub it on the skin to take away the burn and peeling.
  14. VANILLA EXTRACT. This was recommended to us by an anesthesiologist.
  17. TEA BAGS. Run a warm bath and add about 7 black tea bags. It will also make your skin look tan. A quicker way is to place it on your skin. The instructions are HERE. Note: Black tea stains so when you blot it off your skin, use a towel you don’t mind staining.
  18. SILVER SULFADIAZINE. This was a recommendation from someone with a prescription. The product is not over the counter.
  21. SHAVING CREAM. Some say to get the kind with menthol.
  22. CUCUMBERS. Rub them on your skin. It works just like aloe.
  23. WITCH HAZEL. FYI, witch hazel works to instantly relieve pain for just about anything. .
  24. OATMEAL BATH. Messy solution but it works. Instructions HERE.
  25. COCONUT OIL AND LAVENDER OIL. Mix the oil and a few drops of the essential oil and your burn should be better by the next day.
  26. WHOLE MILK. Another person recommended coconut milk. Pour into a bath and relax.
  27. IBUPROFEN. It takes away the inflammation.
  28. AQUAPHOR. Personal note: We use Aquaphor for everything from scrapes & cuts, dry skin and burns. It’s amazing stuff.
  29. FOILE. This can be used instead of vinegar. It has a scent but not nearly as pungent as vinegar.
  30. B&W SALVE
  35. BAKING SODA AND POTATOES. We received this information from a lady who said her grandma came over with the two items. Grandma covered her back with baking soda and then put sliced potatoes (circles) over the top of the baking soda. It drew all the head out. Grandma even flipped the potatoes when they got hot. Instant relief.
  36. GOLD BOND MEDICATED CREAM. Look for the orange tube
  41. PREPARATION H. It decreases inflammation and reduces the sting.
  42. PLAIN YOGURT. Apply a thick coat (don’t rub in). Within about 15 minutes, your skin will have soaked it in. Take a shower after that time.
  43. BUTT PASTE. It’s in the baby section. Hey, if it can relieve diaper rash…

Are there any more remedies that we may have missed?

We’ve only tried a couple of the above suggestions so we’d love to hear back on whether or not any of these worked for you.

sunglasses in sun


  • Check sunblock for expiration date.
  • Reapply sunblock about every 20-30 minutes.
  • You are likely to burn between 10am and 4pm, according to WebMD.
  • Wear sunblock even if it’s cloudy. The UV rays are still intense on overcast days.

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Easy DIY Waterproof Striped Beach Bag

Easy DIY Waterproof Striped Beach Bag

I found the cutest little red and white striped beach bag on Spoonful. The instructions were clear, there were very few supplies needed, and it looked pretty easy. We’re always a little skeptical with DIY projects because a lot of times our end result looks nothing like theirs, only to discover a key step was missing from their instructions.  But that wasn’t the case in this tutorial. It was so easy to make, and fun, fun, fun! I loved how mine turned out! (The photo of the bag would have looked much better on a beach in Hawaii, but ya’ gotta work with what ya’ got).


These are the supplies you’ll need. I used a huge piece of cardboard as my work surface, which worked out perfectly! (This image shows a blue Flair pen, but I switched to a regular black Sharpie so I could see my lines more easily).


Step #1

I cut along one side and the bottom of my garbage bag, taped it to my cardboard, then drew my 16×30 rectangle. I taped the hell out of my bag with just regular scotch tape to keep it laying flat on the board. It behaved well and stayed right where I put it. In fact it kind of static-ic itself to the board making it easy to smooth out and tape.


Step #2

I started taping in alternate colored duct tape, overlapping just a hair with each stripe. I thought this part would be a pain, but it was so simple. If you screw up your stripes and have to reposition the tape, it easily lifts from the garbage bag without tearing it.


Step #3

When I was done with my stripes, I cut along my rectangle lines all around. I had covered up the lines when I started doing my taping, so I just grabbed my ruler and Sharpie’d a line over the top of the tape to use as a guide. Easy peasy.

I flipped my rectangle over, measured down an inch on both short ends, and folded the end over my cords. I taped the folded-over ends in place with scotch tape to keep them down, then taped over them with the duct tape. I wasn’t picky with the duct tape placement…I just pushed the cords up toward the fold and then started the top edge of my duct tape just below.


Step #4

After my ends were taped, I flopped the bag in half and taped the sides. I started the tape just underneath the cords with half the width of the tape on the bag and the other half hanging toward me off the bag. Then I turned the bag over and stick the hanging out length to the opposite side of the bag. I used the same color tape to close the sides as the color of the end stripe so the side tape seam was less noticeable. Check it out below – you can barely see it!



The last thing you need to do is knot the cords. Work on one side at a time. Take the two top cords and knot them together. Then knot the two bottom cords together. Do the same on the other side. Make sure the knots are tight. To cinch the bag, grab the top of the bag on one side and pull both the cords on that side.

Cute, cute, cute! It only took a little over an hour to finish, it’s the perfect size, it’s waterproof, and it folds up small enough to tuck into your purse or pack easily.

Thank you, Spoonful, for the great tutorial!

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Travel Toiletry Pocket Carrier


toothbrush holderTIP OF THE DAY: Fold the bottom of a hand towel 1/3 of the way up.

Sew straight lines from the bottom crease to the edge of the towel.

You should have four sections.

Don’t forget to sew the outside edges.

Add a ribbon to one end for wrapping after you roll it and viola, a travel toothbrush carrier that WON’T stay wet.