Our Go-To Stain Dictionary

Our Go-To Stain Dictionary

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How do I get wine out of my shirt?

I just dripped candle wax on the carpet? Do I have to replace it?

I tried to dye my hair and ended up getting it on my clothes – will it come out?

My son spilled nail polish on the floor and I have no idea how to remove it.

In the last week, all of these things have been said to us which was followed up with, “Do you know how?”

Our answer is always yes. It’s not because we’re super brill and can remember every way to get a stain out. We know the answer because we go to the Stain Dictionary every single time.

Life is a freaking mess a lot of the time. Perfect pictures and perfect lives are unattainable (don’t believe everything you see in those carefully styled photos). We’re about taking a situation that is less than perfect and finding a solution to make it better.

Let’s do it in the least amount of time, keep it simple and move on with life.

We present to you, one of the most amazing resources we know of.

Click the image to get to the site. Once you’re there, either search for your stain or enter it in the search bar and you will find the best way to get it out.

stain solution dictionary

University of Illinois Extension – Click for Interactive Dictionary

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