4 Cocktails & Appetizers for your Last-Minute St. Patrick’s Day Party!

4 Cocktails & Appetizers for your Last-Minute St. Patrick’s Day Party!


We do everything last minute here. It’s just how we roll. We love a challenge!

So you want to put on a party tonight but don’t know if you can pull it off in one day?  Oh HELL yeah. Cake! You just need to be efficient and have a plan.  Here’s how we do it…

Day of Party:

  1. In the morning, call your friends and invite them over for a casual get-together tonight.
  2. Hang up the phone and immediately start the 10-Step Quick Clean of your house. Don’t get all cray-cray, just hit the visible spots and tidy up everything else.
  3. Make out your grocery list and liquor list. Don’t dawdle (love that word, it sounds British or something).
  4. Grab your lists and head to the liquor store for your cocktail ingredients.
  5. Next, stop at the Dollar Store to get a few awesome decorations that nobody will believe you got at the Dollar Store. Remember to grab some napkins, plasticware, tablecloth, etc.
  6. Your last stop is the grocery store. Stay focused, and just systematically shop your list.
  7. Get home, put your groceries away, and take a break to have a little lunch.
  8. Refreshed? Okay. Now, do as much food prep as you can for tonight (might as well clean out that fridge before you store all your goodies away).
  9. Get out all your decorations, tape, Command hooks, etc. and make your house all festive. Set out your plates, napkins, glasses (turn upside down), etc.
  10. Take a quick look around. All good? Look at you go! Now go take yourself a shower and get ready.
  11. Make yourself a drink, pop anything that needs to be warmed in the oven, and wait for everyone to show up.
Pretty proud of yourself, right now?  It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you just get yourself organized and keep things simple. Find your recipes below.

Green Cocktails

drink collage

 Cocktail Recipes…

Green Appetizers

appetizer collageAppetizer Recipes…

Have fun at your party, and YAY YOU!
Talk soon!
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A Leprechaun Hunt?

A Leprechaun Hunt?

leprechaun-hunt-blogA leprech-what? Seriously?!?!

My mother-in-law is a first grade teacher and for years she has been telling me about their classroom leprechaun hunt. I always thought it was something cute and a fun activity for her students. That was sort of all I thought about it. I have a 4 year old little boy who I’ve been excited for knowing he’d get to do fun things like that in school only to find out that a Leprechaun Hunt isn’t just for school…the parents are doing it.

AAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH! I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m a defensive parent. I don’t mean that I get defensive, I mean that I play defense. There’s very little time to dream  up additional ways to increase my parenting workload around the holidays (regardless of the significance of the day). I tend to pay attention to what other parents are doing and if it’s going to be something that will make my son feel left out or like he missed out, I’ll bit the bullet and pull something out of my arse.

I know. Sign me up for Mother of the Year.

I thought we could make treats for the classroom and turn everything green on St. Patrick’s Day then call it good. Oh no. Some over-achieving parents have now started the family Leprechaun Hunt. Seriously? You’re killing us, here.

I had to do some research on what the fuggggg needs to be done on this hunt, so I thought I’d post about it so you can follow along. If you’re one of the moms who routinely does this and finds joy in it, please ignore my previous rant. It never happened.

What is a Leprechaun Hunt?

Legend has it, that leprechauns only come out on St. Patrick’s Day. In order to see them, you need to create a trap and set it out on March 16th, the night before St. Patrick’s Day. Get creative because that leprechaun will be looking for the pot of gold at the end of the tunnel. Trick him or trap  him- do whatever you think will work in order to see him in the morning. When you wake up, check your trap to see if you’ve captured the leprechaun.

Breaking it down for the adults: The leprechaun comes to your house, pulls pranks, leaves clues for the kids sending them on a leprechaun hunt. In the morning, the kids check their traps (no leprechaun) but see that things have been disturbed and there are clues to try and find the leprechaun. Yada, yada, yada, you go on the hunt and at the end there’s a prize for the kids.

Before March 17th, Make a Leprechaun Trap.

Let the kids get creative with their ideas. What do they think will attract a leprechaun? How will he get in and not get out?


Snoodle Doodles

Leapfrog and Ladybugs

Leapfrog and Ladybugs

Lovebug Living

Lovebug Living

Lovely Lovely Things

Lovely Lovely Things

St. Patrick’s Day Eve. Leave Leprechaun Evidence.

Did you think this was going to be a quick activity? Nope. This is full-on Christmas Eve effort. The leprechaun is mischievous. He will prank your kids. This is where you get creative. Turn your furniture over, dye  your milk green, leave green footprints, etc for the kids to see in the morning. The leprechaun does get away but not without leaving evidence. that he was there. Many parents leave the green footprints so the kids can easily follow the treasure hunt. You can use a Barbie shoe and washable green paint.



Searching for the Leprechaun. AKA: Treasure Hunt.

You’ll want to create written clues for the kids to find the treasure. Tip: work your way backwards from the treasure to the starting point.

To make life easy, The Crafting Chicks have already created super-cute printables. You can just download, print and cut them out. God bless’em.

The Crafting Chicks

The Crafting Chicks

The Crafting Chicks

The Crafting Chicks

The Treasure

You can be as creative or not creative as you’d like. Get the chocolate gold coins, have breakfast waiting or hide a pack of stickers. You can go balls to the wall like these:

rainbow pot of gold cupcake

How about just doing this and calling it good?

leprechaun on the toilet

Crap! After all this research, I know I’m going to do this freaking hunt. Why? WHYYYYY!!!!

Do you plan on going on a Leprechaun Hunt this year?

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