Tasty Green Smoothie – Even Though It’s Green

Tasty Green Smoothie – Even Though It’s Green

I will be the first to tell you that I can’t stand it when some health nut claims that their green drink or meal is really great and good for you. Yeah, right. I’ve tried more than my share and it’s always like, “It’s good for a 45 calorie meal after a day of eating nothing and pretending like I’m not munching on gravel and potting soil.” I promise you that this green smoothie is actually something you’ll WANT to drink on a daily basis. Well, if you like fruit.

I am trying my hardest to change so much about the way I do things. I reach for sweets, I love junk food and I’ve GOT to move my body more. My earliest memories involve an active life. I started in gymnastics from the time I could walk, I moved on to dance and did that until I left college. I was involved in all sorts of sports, I was an instructor at a fitness studio and I’ve completed a half marathon. For the past three years, I’ve become so completely lazy and am splitting my time between trying to be a good mom and running a business (i.e. sitting in front of the computer).

I need to get my poop in a group. I’m starting with the green smoothie.

Instead of pretending like I will eat the right amount of servings of fruits and veggies each day, I’m tossing it all into a blender and smoothie-ing it up! Yeah! Turns out: It’s actually good!


I  literally just dumped fruit in my blender and topped it off with spinach. Don’t cringe. I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE you can’t taste the spinach. In fact, forget I said it and don’t think about it until you need to shop for it. To be more specific on the ingredients, let me walk you through what I have in this monster.

  • Banana – 1
  • Clementine – 1
  • Apple – granny smith (peeled)
  • Strawberries -5
  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt – 1 cup
  • Spinach – 2 cups

Blend that sucker until there is no evidence of solids. For a thicker smoothie, add ice or use frozen fruit.


This is it! Green and all. If you’re hesitant about the green color (believe me, I understand), close your eyes and take the first drink. This is also a drink you can smell before tasting and it will make you happy. No need to plug your nose. You were thinking all these things, weren’t you? Hi, you’re me…I’m you. We connect.


See? Like I promised, the smoothie is really good.

Something I did to make me feel healthy and excited about this new green venture, is I bought a cup at Target specifically for my smoothie called a “Blender Bottle“. It has a metal coil you drop inside that allows you to stir your drink (or blend it) so nothing settles and it always tastes good. I would assume this would work for alcoholic drinks. Oh wait…healthy…right. Sidetracked. I’m sorry.


This is what the Blender Bottle looks like… with a smoothie all gone.

If you’re still a bit hesitant about the green color, add some berries (specifically blueberries, blackberries and raspberries) and it will change your smoothie a dark purple color.


Will you join me on this smoothie kick? I will say that it’s a pricey venture but I plan to go with frozen fruit over fresh fruit so it will last longer.

tawsha connell