Makeup a Mess? Turn to Alcohol.

Makeup a Mess? Turn to Alcohol.

Everybody’s got their favorite eyeshadow, blush, etc., and with the cost of makeup getting crazy, some of us hang on to them until the bitter end, even if you have to chase the broken pieces around with your brush or you have to undo two rubber bands holding the thing together before you use it.


Although these tips to extend the life of your makeup may not be new news to the makeup experts out there, we thought they were pretty handy little tricks. Since I came across these ideas in various forms several places in my search, I apologize for not giving credit to any one blog or website as the original source. The photos credits are mine – again I apologize. (My images suck, but I’m practicing and I promise they will improve).

How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow or Blush:

Makeup Collage

  1. Gather up all your old, broken or wonky eye shadows or blush.
  2. Add some drops of good ol’ rubbing alcohol.
  3. Chop up makeup and mix and stir, adding additional drops of alcohol if needed, to create a paste.
  4. Smooth the mess out and then pat and press with a tissue to make it all pretty. Let dry.

How to Make Mascara Last Longer:

Grab some saline solution or eye drops and squeeze a bit into your dry old mascara tube. Stick the brush in and stir it around. BOOM! You’re good for another few days.

How to Fix a Loose Makeup Brush – then Quick-Clean It:

To Fix: With a needle-nose or regular pliers, crimp the metal neck/sleeve of limp, lifeless makeup brushes. It packs the bristles together, flattening the head and making the brush denser and easier to control.

To Clean: Squeeze hand cleaner into the palm of your hand. Swish your brush around getting the cleaner on all the hairs. Let dry.

Do you have any quick-tricks you can share? Comment below and let us know!