24 Surprisingly Clever Uses for Rubberbands

24 Surprisingly Clever Uses for Rubberbands


We love finding new uses for things that have been around forever. Sometimes we tend to get stuck in our thinking and only use a product for the intention it was created. We were amazed when we discovered all the creative things people are doing with the good o’ rubberband. Who knew?

1. To keep clothes from slipping off hangers, attach rubberbands around the ends.hangers

 2. Use a rubberband to screw in a stripped screw.


3. Use a paperclip and a rubberband to bind pages of a book together.


4. To keep sliced apple sections from browning, slice the apple, then rubberband the pieces back together.


5. Keep glasses from slipping out of little hands or elderly hands, add a few rubber bands around it. glass

6. Nailpolish top stuck? Wrap a rubberband around the lid to give you a beter grip. rubberband-nail-polish-ictc

7. Exercise your forearm extensors using large rubberbands. extensors

8. Rubberband a microfiber cloth to a Swiffer for a reusable alternative to the one-use purchased sheets. ac33c5ac99ab9ed30de2ad9e99aa8e74

9. Decorate a Dollar Store vase/candleholder: Randomly add rubberbands, spray paint with frosted glass spray paint.


10. Attach rubberbands randomly on eggs before dying them. easter-egg-dying_300

11. Easy decorating! Add colored rubberbands to cheap glasses. Match the rubber band colors to the holiday or event. 53a24c45514a32824a5b2cc2a389def1

12. Pull a balloon over a clean tin can and securely attach with a rubber band. This will create a drum for your young child to explore rhythm and expression through music. e38df1d12ced539f52669de019b86135

13. Remove the labels from prescription bottles, rubberband a group of them together, and use on your dresser or desk for small items. blog-pillbx-desk-org

14. Use a rubberband to keep a door from latching.


15. Wrap a rubberband around nail tip to use as a guide for a perfect french manicure. perfect-french-tips

16. Keep your towel from falling off the oven door. 08b4a20706f8423e8ce1f1f0da70138d

17. Rubberbands can be used as an inexpensive, effective childproofing tool when you are in a pinch.


18. Use rubber bands across any box or drawer for an instant way to stand up recipes, addresses, etc. 33f5cb101a0ce9661b3a00308bcbb6fb

19. Have you lost something small, like an earring? Use tights rubber-banded onto your vacuum hose to find it. a71f2dbb296dd9e02bc766e3ddf5da6c

20. A way to keep the dosing syringe with the medicine. Use wide rubberbands like the kind that come on broccoli. dosing

21. Keeping kids cups organized – no more using 100 cups a day. Just write their name on a giant rubberband so they know which cup is theirs. sippies

22. Instead of trashing an empty tissue box, rubber band it to a full box of tissues, and use the empty carton as a makeshift trash can. 8d619f4c79cd72e78df8cc1b29522d3b

23. Easy DIY pen holder. Use a frosting container or can, a piece of cork (found at any craft store), glue, and rubberbands. Cut the cork to the length you need to go around the can and glue it on. Use a rubberband to hold it in place until it dries. cork

24. And the best use EVER! Can’t afford a Bluetooth? Rubber band it. Seriously? 9af03ee43e02c2a09b01182dd75b6074

Did we miss anything? Comment below with any creative ways that you use rubberbands.

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