Putting the House to Bed

Putting the House to Bed

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Trying to keep life organized seems to be an unending project. Even for us. We’re constantly trying to find a new system, create a better way and reorganizing something that doesn’t work as well as it did for an entire year it worked well. Make sense? There is one thing you can do every single night to ensure that your days start out right.

Put your house to bed.

My friend Jackie named this nightly ritual so I can’t take credit for it. By simply putting your house to bed every single night (just as you’d brush your teeth and wash your face), you will save yourself a lot of chaos in the morning and even throughout the day. Now, if I don’t put my house to bed, I’m a freaking lunatic the next day.

How do you feel when you walk through the kitchen in the morning to find dirty dishes, things left out from the day before and a mountain of “stuff” that needs attention? Overwhelming, right?

Put your house to bed.

Every night before you rest your sweet head on that oh-so-soft pillow and whisper the words “I’ve been dreaming of this moment all day,” take about 20 minutes and clean your shizz up!

Tidy your house as if there’s someone coming over first thing in the morning. What would you want your house to look like. The person coming over is you. Download the printable below and use as your own checklist. All the tasks are in order. The best part of this whole process is hearing the calming hum of your dishwasher as you head to the bedroom. Listen for it to tell you how amazing you are and how happy you’ll be that your favorite coffee mug will be waiting for you and you don’t have to rush around trying to find something you haphazardly tossed on the counter. Yes, I  believe dishwashers speak to me.

Click on the below printable to download for free.

Let’s wake you up feeling organized!

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