Wedding Idea: Easy Address Collection

Wedding Idea: Easy Address Collection

Look in your phone right now. How many physical addresses do you have? Me = 7. I have no idea how those addresses go into my phone, either, because I NEVER ask anyone for their address. If I need to get to their house, I’ll plug it into my maps and off I go.

This poses a problem when you’re sending out wedding invitations. While the world seems to be moving in fast-forward utilizing technology for just about everything, parts of wedding planning and traditions still remain the same. This may be a bit of insanity on our part or the sweetness and almost only opportunity to actually send something in the mail that is beautiful and holds such a happy meaning. It’s: The Wedding Invitation. Coming soon to a mailbox near you.

Don’t waste time doing it the “old fashioned” way.

So…how do you get the addresses quickly and keep them all in one place?

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We’re pretty impressed with what Postable offers. You create an account, are given a link and then you email the link to friends and family. They will click on the link, enter their contact information (as in, those elusive addresses) and all of the data will be saved in your account. JustĀ  head on into your Postable account and you’ll see all of your new contact information. Download or export the list and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a full guest list for invitations. How easy is that?

Next step: How do you address these suckers? If you are having invitations created, you can ask them about etiquette. If you’d like to take a peek on your own and figure out your wording, see the below image.

sample format

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