Cleaning Toys

Cleaning Toys

I’m bitter writing this post today. Just warning you.

If I step on one more Lego, marble or Cars 2 miniature drifter, I will chuck each and every one of my son’s toys! I’m not kidding. I have fantasies of grabbing an over-sized shovel and scooping every last colorful playroom item into the fire.

We have chore lists, incentive programs, discussions and habits and STILL those blasted toys are responsible for one of us attempting to break our fall by merely holding onto a light switch.

While I was fantasizing about the shovel and the fire, I actually learned that other moms feel just like me. You see, as much as I hate to clean up the toys, I can’t STAND to leave them out. I feel like we’re living in a halfway house if they’re scattered.

Here’s what I found:

Professional Product:

Yellow Toy Dozer

This is called the Toy Dozer. It’s two pieces of plastic that you slide along your floor and literally scoop the toys up. I guarantee a mom on the edge of insanity developed this product. Yay her!

My Ghetto Version:

Dust pan

I’ll use this until my Toy Dozer order comes in.

The second thing I found is called Swoop Bags. It’s a play mat and bag all in one. You play with your toys in one area and when you’re done, you gather the sides of the Swoop and it’s magically clean!

Professional Product:


The challenge: Getting the kids to play in one place for an extended period of time. Either that, or order multiple and you’re set.

My Ghetto Version:


When playtime is over, I’ll gather the edges and knot them together like any good hobo would do.

I’m kind of thinking the Swoop Sack is a bit more versatile, stable and better looking. Although, the blanket is cute, no?

Do you have any suggestions? I’d LOVE to hear them!

tawsha connell