Burlap and Sharpie “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Pillows

Burlap and Sharpie “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Pillows

bed-pillows-ocoI posted this awhile ago, but loved this project so thought I’d dust it off and repost it. Aren’t these just the cutest? Similar ones sell for ridiculous amounts of money, but we’ve seen several versions of them made by fellow DIY-ers. This is a quick, cheap and easy way to infuse some personality into your bedroom decor. If you don’t like the Mr and Mrs idea, use your imagination and write anything you want on them.  I sewed my pillow, but if you aren’t into sewing, you could use a no-sew product to close the seams.

Supplies you need:

  • Two Square pillows or pillow forms
  • Enough burlap to cover two pillows (our pieces were about 20″ square)
  • Black Sharpie


1. Belly up to your computer and type out your letters (we used Word 2007). Play around with different fonts and font sizes (we set our font size at 375), until you get the look you want. Then right click on your font and choose “outline” in the font options (when you print, this keeps you from using a ton of printer ink, but still gives you a template for cutting). Print that sucker out.


2. After measuring your pillow, cut two pieces of regular ‘ol burlap for each pillow. Cut out your letters and center them on one piece of the burlap with some type of temporary adhesive (I used rolled tape on the backs of the letters). With a fine black Sharpie, outline your letters. When you’re done, remove your letters from the burlap.

3. Easy peasy so far, right? Now you just color in your letters with your regular black Sharpie. I put a piece of cardboard underneath so it didn’t bleed through. (This was my favorite part – it felt like color book coloring). coloring-stencil-1024x768

4. Now flip the colored piece face down on the second piece of burlap. Turn the top edge down (the piece that you colored) about 3/4″ and pin on both sides. Continue pinning the sides and bottom of both pieces together.pinning-1024x768

5. You’re ready to sew. Start at the side and sew all the way around, leaving the top open. Turn your pillow cover inside out, stuff in your pillow and sew the top closed either by hand or on the machine.

And there you have it. Pretty cool, huh?