Keyboard Shortcuts You May Not Know

Keyboard Shortcuts You May Not Know

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We all know ‘ctrl + C’ for ‘copy’ and ‘ctrl + V’ for ‘paste’ but what other shortcuts will save us time as we’re maneuvering through our 10 billion windows that include social media, blogs, work and a little research? Seriously, at any one time, I’ve got at least 10 tabs open. It’s so ridiculous.

keyboard shortcuts | Search

Search your entire computer (files and all)

keyboard shortcuts | Find

Find words, phrases and, really, anything else within the page you are currently using. Just hit the command and fill in the blank box that pops up.

keyboard shortcuts | Undo

Make a mistake? Click the command and BOOM. Never happened.

keyboard shortcuts | screen lock

Walking away from your computer or in a public place? This quick command will lock your screen instantly.

keyboard shortcuts | Toggle

With multiple tabs open, you’re likely referencing a couple at a time. Instead of clicking each one, you can click the alt + tab command and quickly toggle between screens to open the one you want in just one swift move.

keyboard shortcuts | Opens previously closed tab

Whoops! You closed a window and don’t have the link or URL? Click the above command and, like magic, an open tab will recall what you just closed and open it again.

keyboard shortcuts | Print Screen | Print active screen

You can freeze what you’re seeing on the screen…like ALL of it or you can just take a snapshot of the window you’re viewing. It’s much better than capturing all the personal deets of your desktop, right?


keyboard shortcuts | Open new tab

A lot of times, you can be reading a story or news source that contains an active link and want to know more. You probably right click your mouse and ‘open in new tab’. The problem is that the new tab pops open and you need to go back to the original story you were reading. By pushing ‘ctrl’ before ‘open in new tab’ the new tab will open but will be running in the background. You can reference it later. As in, when you’re ready.

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