The 20 Minute Morning Routine

The 20 Minute Morning Routine


Waking up late is the WORST.

At first you’re confused, then you panic, then you run around in a circle for a second, then you start to move at 90 miles an hour trying to get yourself together and out the door.

I do this a LOT. I’m always late. If I have any extra time before I go somewhere, I fill it with a bunch of things which makes me late anyway. Waking up way before I need to go somewhere in the morning is a bad idea. I’ll still be late.

Yes, people hate me. It’s selfish to be late, quite honestly. Waking up late, though. There’s just nothing you can do about it when it happens.

The good news is that you can cut down your morning routine by A LOT and not look like a hot heavenly mess when you get to work, school or that meeting you were supposed to be ALREADY on your way to.

Here’s how:


1. Skip the Shower.

Welcome to the “I woke up late” way of showering. It’s all about baby products. Wipe yourself down with baby wipes, clean any leftover makeup off your face and powder yourself in any area you’d like (go overboard if necessary).


2. Spray the Hair.

If you haven’t met dry shampoo, today is your lucky day. It’s amazing. I use the Suave brand and it’s the best I’ve used so far. Best part: It’s cheap. Tease your hair, add some spray and throw it up on a high ponytail. If you have short hair, dry shampoo it, touch it up with some spray or a flat iron and spray the crap out of it.


3. Minimize the Makeup.

It’s not a fashion show. It’s a quest to get out the door looking fresh-ish. Many times, just focusing on your main features is the way to go. Put away the special moisturizing routine, the seven billion face brushes and the four colors of shadow you normally use. It’s time to pretend we’re at the beach. Make that look clean. If you’re quick with foundation, slap it on. If you’re reaching for a foundation brush and a blending sponge, think again. You are LATE! Opt for BB cream. Then, quickly add some eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. If you have a little extra time, blush or a cheek shimmer may be a good touch.


4. Simplify the Outfit.

A dress is the most simple thing to wear. By doing so, you are grabbing one thing and not having to add a bunch to it. Again, if you have an extra minute, add a belt and a cropped jacket or scarf.


5. Forgo the Fancy Coffee.

Today is not the day for a trip through the drive-thru. Keep some quick coffee solutions on-hand or make coffee before you’re rushing through your 20 minute routine so it’s ready when you’re headed out the door. May I recommend some Starbucks Via or the pre-made iced coffee? Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

We get that it’s not all ideal but at least, by following these steps, you’ll avoid smelling like sour laundry while you run your fingers through your greasy hair because of your massive caffeine craving.

Anything else you’d like to add? Comment below!

tawsha connell