Weekly Meal Plan – Issue #5

Weekly Meal Plan – Issue #5

I’m a summer person. I love everything that has to do with it. Toward the end of the summer, I’m holding on to it for dear life. I resent the days getting shorter and the nip in the air that other people love. I eventually loosen my grip on summer and settle in to the reality of the cold and snow and the upcoming h0lidays. It seems that as soon as I’ve surrendered, I am overtaken with a weird desire to cook. Like a LOT. Huge pots of soup to divide and freeze, make-ahead meals, banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc. etc. I get caught up in the holidays and have a renewed interest in my cookbooks and dusting off my crockpot. Since the holidays bring more friends and family, I become obsessed with new drink concoctions, appetizers and party food.

Then it gets to this time of year when Spring is threatening and summer is right around the corner. Daylight savings time brings more sunlight and warmer weather. My mood improves. My interests shift to bike riding, less TV, gardening, and camping.  The last thing I want to do is cook. This time of year I want quick and easy meals so I can be in and out of the kitchen and back to whatever I was doing outside.

So many of you are so much like us, we’re guessing you feel the same. So for right now, this will be our last “Meal Plan”. We’ll continue to post our favorite holiday, drink, dessert and party recipes, and depending on your interest, will bring back the Meal Plans in the fall. Hey, you think if we focus less on food from now until fall we may drop some of that weight we put on this winter? Oh… you didn’t? Well I sure as hell did, and I’ve got to get a grip soon or I’m gonna look pretty stupid in my one piece full length long-sleeved bikini this summer.

With all that being said, here is the fifth issue of our Weekly Meal Plan. All the recipes here are quick, cheap and easy, and all are pretty darn good! Here’s a visual. Click below the image to download the recipes.


   downloads[download id=”12″]

Help yourself to any and all of the past meal plans as well. They are all in the FREEBIES category.

Please comment below if there is anything you’re particularly interested in seeing in the future. And, as always, we love when you share your favorite recipes with us (please only share those that have few ingredients and are quick to prepare).


Weekly Meal Plan – Round 4

Weekly Meal Plan – Round 4

The Daily Hiit - Home Workouts

This week, most of the recipes lean toward healthy. We’re grateful for the awesome people who create these recipes and actually know their way around a kitchen. Huh. Novel idea.

All the meals available are fairly simple and take little time (unless it’s in a slow-cooker).

I NEEEEEEEEED to workout and cut the crap from my diet. While a complete cold turkey would send me into some sort of shock, I’m trying to take things day by day. Instead of making excuses, I’m going to give a few The Daily Hiit Workouts (same-ish site as Bodyrock.tv) and clean up my act a bit. I pretty much wouldn’t mind looking like her (pictured). Like, AT. ALL. In fact, I’d probably walk around with less clothing asking people if they’ve seen what I look like. No, have you seen what I look like? I’M AMAZING! Perhaps that’s why she’s who she is and I’m not. My ego would be so inflated. Care to try this workout with me?

Each week, we create a meal plan for our family. We’d also like to make your life easier. Put them together and you’ve got yourself the FREE Weekly Meal Plan download. [download id=”4″]

Help yourself to any and all of the past meal plans as well. They are all in the DOWNLOADS category.

The format of the plans keeps changing because we’re trying to find a good fit. Please let us know what works best for you. We love feedback and we’ll keep tweaking the look and functionality until we find a great fit for all of us.

Here’s a visual run-down of what this week looks like:


FREE Weekly Meal Plan round 4


Download the FREE Weekly Meal Plan –  HERE

Comment with your favorite recipe or things you’d like to see in the future.

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Weekly Meal Plan – Round 3

Weekly Meal Plan – Round 3


After a week break (where our menu was saltines and chicken noodle soup), the Weekly Meal Plans are back. The plans are completely free and provide 7 dinner ideas complete with ingredients and links to the original source for recipe instructions. Just download and print. Click link >> [download id=”9″] for this week’s rundown.

If you’ve missed the previous meals…

TIP: You can use and re-use the plans. Just print them out, add 3-holes and make yourself a meal plan binder.

Need a shopping list? Download and print this organized version for free. The list is divided up into sections of the grocery store so you can breeze through the aisles and spend as little time as possible in there.

Side note: We’re loving these Joseph Joseph cutting boards. Organized and everything. Perfection.


We’d love to hear back from you. What’s working? What isn’t? Is it helpful to just have dinners? Would you like breakfast ideas?

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Weekly Meal Plan – Round 2

Weekly Meal Plan – Round 2

Weekly meal plan - round 2 - organizedCHAOSonline

It’s back! It’s oh-so-back!

We’ve written a 7-day meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make it all, make some, make it healthier, add your own touch, do whatever you’d like – at least you have something to start with. This free download includes a week-at-a-glance meal calendar and a detailed menu with a list of ingredients and links to the recipes.

Some of the breakfast ideas take a bit more time than the 5 minutes most of us have in the morning but you can make them the night before or even all at once and warm them as needed.

Click HERE for all 21 meal ideas.

Get your free shopping list here:  [purchase_link id=”9713″ style=”button” color=”dark-gray” text=”Click for FREE Download” direct=”true”]

For last week’s menu, click HERE.

(side note: I made the overnight oatmeal from last week and it was a disaster. Completely mushy and burnt along the edges. Just a heads up)

For this week: There are no excuses. You’ve got meal ideas for days. Go about your life and stop worrying about what’s for dinner…and breakfast…and lunch.

tawsha connell

Weekly Meal Plan – Round 1

Weekly Meal Plan – Round 1

week of meals at a glance

We are forever trying to figure out how to get ourselves organized in the meals department. We’ve signed up for meal services only to find that we liked about 2 out of the 5 meals each week. We’ve pinned a butt-load of recipes on Pinterest that we forget about when it comes to planning the week ahead and we’ve done the ol’ “wing it” method where we find ourselves standing in our kitchen at dinnertime with nothing to eat.

Secret: We’re not great cooks.

In an effort to get ourselves in order, we have vowed to sit down and create a weekly meal plan. We like healthy food that tastes good, we like comfort food, we like simple and we like using ingredients we know how to pronounce.

We’ll share our plan with you. This isn’t some scientific method, some health plan and may not be every week but we’d love to take a little stress and planning from your week because, for this week, we’ve actually followed through. Woot!

That’s the deal with us: We’re organized but we’re not perfect. Go figure.

kitchen utensils

The Way this Works:

WEEK OF MEALS: We have created a weekly meal calendar. There are meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists for each meal and even options to use leftovers (so you don’t gunk up your fridge).

Each meal has it’s own shopping list. This way, if you like it, you can add the ingredients to your shopping list. Not everyone will like every meal…we know that from experience.

SHOPPING LIST: The grocery store has different sections and so does the shopping list. You simply fill in the blanks and when you head to the store, you can conquer each aisle as it corresponds to your list. Easy peasy.

With that, let’s get to prepping the week, shall we? Click the images below for your free downloads.

May your week be organized…at least when it comes to meals.


Shopping List Printable

Week of Meals Printable


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