Spruce Up Patio Chairs – Quick, Cheap & Easy

Spruce Up Patio Chairs – Quick, Cheap & Easy

patio set makeover table shot

Last week, I shared the first part of my outdoor project called Inexpensive Outdoor Makeover. That was just the quick, cheap, and easy way to add an umbrella and make a stand for $35. Next up: The ratty chairs.

Here’s what I was left with after the first project was complete.


It definitely needs some more color and something to sit on.

FYI, we have three chairs. Again, the reason for this set and why I’m not buying a new one is in the previous post.

With less than $30, mom and I marched ourselves to WalMart. It’s a hidden gem, people. We simply put on our best pair of sweats, knot our hair on the top of our heads and remove all makeup. That’s how we roll. It’s the WalMart way, dear friends.



  • 3 travel pillows – $3 each
  • 3 travel pillow covers – $2.97 each
  • Camping pad – $7
  • Industrial strength velcro

The next steps are so freaking easy, it’s insane.

Cut the camping pad into squares that fit into your seats.You can even cut slits so the pad will fit snug on your chair.

Place the adhesive side of the velcro on the chair and the other adhesive side on your pillow. Pull the velcro apart and you’ve got a detachable pillow.

final-look-450x450Ta da!!!

I have to admit that I’m not too hot on the pads. It needs more.

I’ve considered buying regular pillows and placing them vertically in each chair. Of course, with some cute pillowcases. Have you looked at the price of pillowcases lately? They are freaking pricey! The ugly old man designs are inexpensive (well, duh) but the striped, chevron, bright or (insert cool design here) ones are around $9. I mean, really?

The chairs need more fluff and not something I’ll have to race outside and rescue when rain comes along.

So, while I wanted this to be an amazing “look at me, try this great idea” DIY project, I’m now looking to you.

What do you suggest?

patio set makeover table shot

tawsha connell

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Finance Organization – Eliminating Cable

Finance Organization – Eliminating Cable


I’ll admit: Life without cable isn’t bad. I do, however, have to come to this conclusion on my own. Hi, I’m Tawsha and I’m a TV addict.

Part of life organization for me is getting my finances in order. More specifically: Becoming debt free. This is already a challenge and taking me out of my comfort zone every single day. Coming from a radio background, it was my job to know what was going on with everything at all times. I’m the source of the information, not the recipient. I got into a groove with knowing all and keeping up to date with as many TV shows, movies and award shows as possible. By taking away the ability to view everything on every channel (or at least DVR it), I’m breaking into a cold sweat, here.

I turned on the TV yesterday to catch up on LIVE with Kelly and Michael and that’s when I saw it: The black screen of doom. No DVR, no cable and we don’t yet have a digital antennae to bring in non-cable channels.

Debt free. Debt free.

It would be very simple to opt for an online streaming service but the point is to eliminate any sort of payment, not replace one with another – no matter the savings.

Whenever I do anything, I have to post it on Facebook. Yes, I’m that person. I love to have a community, to receive feedback and to learn from others. In this case, I learned a lot. Turns out: I’m not alone in this whole “eliminating cable” venture.

There are free online services where you can watch just about every show as early as the morning after – with the exception of a few channels. Bravo, TBS and CBS are a disappointment. They don’t post their shows on Hulu at all, FYI.

So, as I venture toward being debt free for my Total Money Makeover, I’ll share anything and everything I learn in order to maintain some sort of normalcy and comfort for me…and you.


  • Project TV: Free. You have to provide payment information but you aren’t charged. I don’t have personal experience, though.

Do you  have any tips?

I already miss the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Debt free.

tawsha connell