Could You Be Rich and Not Know It? Search for Unclaimed Money Owed To You

Could You Be Rich and Not Know It? Search for Unclaimed Money Owed To You

Find Your Unclaimed Money {organized CHAOS online}Money. Ugh. For most of us working class, there never seems to be enough. I have to admit to fantasizing that some random acquaintance has named me in their will and left me millions. Hey, a girl’s gotta dream…

Yeah, I know, I know…”Money is the Root of all Evil”… blah, blah, blah. True. But let’s be honest here. Money sure as hell can solve a lot of problems.

Coming into a chunk of money we hadn’t planned on, for a lot of us, is the result of an unexpected life event.Clear thinking can be altered because of emotional or physical stress.

  • Severance pay to compensate for a job loss
  • Disability pay to compensate for physical or mental incompetence
  • Inheritance to compensate for the death of a loved one

In these cases, “Money Can’t Buy You Happiness” holds true. When I was in my late 20’s my mom, who was my best friend, died. I was devastated. Two years later, still not recovered from my mom’s death, my dad passed away. A year later, my only living grandparent died. I was an emotional wreck. Signing papers and legal documents while depressed, emotionally fragile and with diminished mental capacity during the legal paperwork process aftermath of a death, there can be a huge margin for error.

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Because of your possible brain fog during these times, its possible you overlooked a money resource that was rightfully yours. Well that sucks. But here’s the good news…you can still claim it! The government is holding billions of dollars of unclaimed property and will hold it indefinitely until it’s claimed. Below is a list of sites that allow you to do a quick search to see if money is being held in your name. If your name pops up in a search, all you have to do is prove your identity to claim it! (every State has their own process for positive identity and claiming process). Even if you don’t think you’re owed money, search anyway just for fun. You may be pleasantly surprised!

NOTE: Be aware of the forever circulating email and phone scams notifying you that you are the recipient of a ridiculous amount of money. They ask that you provide your personal information in order to claim it. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING IT! The below sites are official state and government sites that allow you to do your own research for free.

dollar sign 150x150Did you move? Search each state you’ve lived for unclaimed property.

Search National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators


dollar sign 150x150Did you have money in your account when your bank went under?

Search Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


dollar sign 150x150Was there money in your account when your credit union failed?

Search National Credit Union Administration


dollar sign 150x150Do you or family members have unclaimed savings bonds?

Search The Treasury Department – Treasury Hunt


dollar sign 150x150Are you owed an unclaimed tax refund?

Search Internal Revenue Service


dollar sign 150x150Did you or a family member have unclaimed pension?

Search Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation


dollar sign 150x150Did you own a home that had an FHA insured mortgage?

Search Department of Housing and Urban Development


dollar sign 150x150Are you a beneficiary and need to locate a life insurance policy?

Search Medical Information Bureau (there’s a charge for the search)


dollar sign 150x150Do you have damaged or mutilated money? They’re replace it!

Search U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing


Finally, and this one makes me anxious every time I see it…

dollar sign 150x150Unclaimed lottery winnings.

State lottery websites list all winnings that have not been claimed.The site lists the game played, the state the winner is located, and the final date to claim your prize. The ticket in your pocket that got washed with your jeans? The ticket you mistook for your ATM receipt? That might have been the $10,000 winner listed as unclaimed in your state. Check your tickets – you can do it online. I’m pretty sure each state has a website. Find yours. Here’s Washington State’s…

Search Washington State Lottery – Unclaimed Top Prizes

Good luck, and if you do find you’re owed a large sum of money, remember that I’m your very best friend, and friends share! (I kid…sort of).

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