Organized Lists and Notes

Organized Lists and Notes


We are list people. Always have been and always will be.

The thing that has changed is how we write our lists. Post-It notes are a staple in our offices but something we’ve started using (and obsessing over) are two programs that, after using for a short amount of time, will draw you into obsession as well.


Evernote is a program both accessible via phone app and online. They sync with each other (no matter where you enter your information) and provide a TON of options for keeping track. You can copy and paste things you found online, upload images, create folders for certain subjects and add notes within that folder, search by keywords (you have put in for each subject) and about 100 more options.

What do we use Evernote for?

  • Late-night thoughts (to clear our mind)
  • Passwords
  • Links to articles we want to read
  • Images to reference


Thanks to Paulina at Pretty Pink Posh, who was raving about this amazing program, we’re back on the Wunderlist bandwagon. This app/online program is the ultimate list-holder and we’re so happy to be back. Wunderlist is simply: Lists. You name your list and start adding to it. You can star an item, set notifications and edit like crazy.

What do we use Wunderlist for?

  • Grocery Lists
  • Blog ideas
  • Daily to-do items
  • Shopping List
  • Wish Lists

Our goal is to share things that are QUICK, CHEAP and EASY. Evernote and Wunderlist are all of those things.

QUICK: You write down your note once and it’s available wherever you view your note (online, phone, iPad, etc)


EASY: If you  know how to type, you’re in luck.

tawsha connell