Wedding Stats – What to expect.

Wedding Stats – What to expect.

Wedding people, we’ve transferred this blog over from our Wedding Preview Event site (which will soon live here, too). We thought this was pretty awesome to share.

Infographic: Visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

I LOVE infographics! They are so simple, take little time and are pleasing to the eye. Aren’t they great? All of your info is in one cute little package. We went searching through Pinterest to find the best boards containing wedding infographics. There weren’t any. Well, it’s time to make it happen. We have created a ‘Wedding Infographics‘ board on Pinterest. If you have any to add, let us know. After searching, this is what we found:

Cost for Wedding Vendors

wedding vendor costs

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Cost to be a Bridesmaid

cost to be a bridesmaid

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Cake Serving Sizes

wedding cake serving sizes

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Wedding Photography

wedding photography infographic

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Source: Digby Rose


Gay Marriage

gay marriage


What to Gift at a Wedding

what gifts to give at a wedding

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