Christmas Sheet … Music

Christmas Sheet … Music

I have this dream of walking in my house and being in awe of the cool details around Christmastime…okay, anytime. The problem: I don’t have an eye for decoration nor do I have a budget (read: any money) to hire someone to do it for me. So, I spend two years trying to figure out what I want to decorate with and then spend even more time thinking about whether or not I want to commit.

This year is different.

I hit up the dollar store and Pinterest and was on a mission to make it look like Christmas is actually happening in my house. I went beyond the tree, looked at the open spaces in my house, stalked the perfect people in Pinterest and tried to emulate what they are doing while only spending whatever I could “hide” as the cash back at the grocery store. Don’t tell me you don’t do this.

The vintage sheet music was a great addition to the top of our toy cubby. I found the jackpot on Flicker.

How to create this look:

  • Go to the dollar store or rummage through your closets to find the frames you want for display. Take note of their size (i.e. 5×7, 8×10, etc).
  • Save the sheet music images to your computer (download below)
  • Open up a Word document (or similar) and set the ruler at the dimensions of your frames
  • Insert the image (sheet music) into your document
  • Center the image and click print
  • Cut out and put in your frame
  • Pretend like you came up with this idea when you get compliments


Click on music to browse and download


Give T-H-A-N-K-S Printables

Give T-H-A-N-K-S Printables

Decorating for the holidays gives your house a boost of cheer. The problem is that not all budgets can handle the cost of new decor each year and sometimes you have about a fifteenth of a second and limited resources. Fear not. We’re doing it and want to give you everything you need to appear like you’ve got your poop in a group when friends and family show up and gorge on the food you’ve prepped.


  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Black and Color ink
  • Paper
  • (scrapbook paper can also be used)
  • Frames (dollar store)


Option 1 – Scrapbook paper

  1. Download the “give THANKS” file that fits the size of your frames (5×7 or 8×10).
  2. Place the scrapbook paper in your printer and print each letter on a different piece of scrapbook paper.
  3. Cut around the box outline on the printed image and place in frame.

Option 2 – Printer paper

(If you understand how to place an image in a word document, skip steps 2-5)

  1. Google “Thanksgiving wallpaper” or “Fall harvest” or, really, anything relating to your background. Click on any wallpaper site and start browsing. Those images are almost always free.
  2. Open Microsoft word and click the “Insert” tab and then on “Picture”. Find your file and open it into your document.
  3. A Format tab will appear. Click on the “Text Wrapping” icon and then “In front of text”
  4. Pull a corner of your image to stretch your fall image across your page.
  5. Print.
  6. Download the “give THANKS” file that fits your frame (5×7 or 8×10) and save to computer
  7. Put those beautiful fall wallpaper pages back into your printer tray and print each “give THANKS” image onto them. You’ll, then, have a single letter with a cool background.
  8. Cut out around the border and place in frame.

When I say I’m breaking it down, I’m not joking.

Images for download:

Give THANKS 5×7 Printable

[ddownload id=11963]

Give THANKS 8×10 Printable

[ddownload id=11965]