14 Things to Pack in Your Beach Bag

14 Things to Pack in Your Beach Bag


It’s always a crap shoot when you’re headed to the beach. What can you pack that is practical, will keep you entertained and will also keep you safe from the sun?

Well, we know a few people who live near the beach and they have given us a list of what you’ll need for a quick beach trip.

  1. Beach Bag. Keep it light, don’t get too fancy and choose one you’re not afraid of getting wet or all sandy. You can make a pretty rad bag out of duct tape. Wanna? HERE is the simple tutorial.
  2. After sun lotion. This will keep your skin hydrated after being exposed to the hot sun.
  3. Surf Spray. Keep your hair hydrated, too. You don’t want your head to look like it’s sprouting straw.
  4. Lip balm with sunblock. Have you ever burned your bottom lip? Nuff said.
  5. Sun hat. Not only do you look absolutely adorable but this will keep the sun from your face and, most importantly, your scalp. But, seriously, adorable.
  6. Sunglasses. Go for ones that have UV protection. You want to be able to see in your old age.
  7. Sunblock. Duh. Reapply every 2 hours. Here’s some interesting information (from Queen Oprah) about choosing your SPF.
  8. Umbrella. While this isn’t necessary and not something you have lying around, if you’re headed out with the family, this is a good option to create shade when you get a little tired of the UV rays gettin’ all up in your business.
  9. A towel. My mom always told me, ‘When shaking out the sand, make sure to shake AWAY from people.’ Also, ‘Your shoes go on the sand, not on the towel‘. Nobody likes sand in their eyes.
  10. Coconut water. You can bring regular water but coconut water will hydrate the heck out of you. Plus, it tastes really good. Well, not the plain stuff. That’s just gross.
  11. Snacks. Choose healthier snacks or you’ll just feel like a lazy bum eating crap on the beach. Try dried fruit or trail mix. You’ll want to replenish your body and maintain energy so you can enjoy your time at the beach.
  12. Baby powder. Once you’re off the beach, you’ll have sand stuck in places you don’t remember touching the beach. Apply some baby powder and those granules come right off. It’s a cool trick.
  13. Waterproof bag for phone. Better safe than sorry. You can go ghetto like me and put your phone in a zip lock bag or you can get serious about it and buy a CHEAP waterproof cover for that phone. Besides, you’ll need to post beach pics on Instagram.
  14. Kindle or iPad. Read a book or magazine or even watch movies while at the beach. It passes the time and you’re entertained. I always get bored at the beach unless I have a variety of things to do. I’m not an ocean swimmer. Wow, that made me sound snotty. It’s a shark thing. And a ‘people have peed in that water for hundreds of years’ thing.

Items to wear:

  • Swimsuit
  • Cover Up
  • Flip Flops

To get any of the items in the image above and to check out our beach store, click HERE. Kate Spade sunglasses? Yes, please!

tawsha connell