Quick. Impressive. Last-Minute-Eggs.

Quick. Impressive. Last-Minute-Eggs.

Get your Egg on! There’s still time to blow all those other eggs out of the water with these quick and creative decorating ideas. Boil up those eggs and get busy!

Have fun!


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Black Sharpies.

[note color=”#ffffff”]Instructions: Obviously Sweet

Just boil your egg, let it cool, grab your Sharpie and get creative!




[note color=”#ffffff”]Instructions: Housing a Forest

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Re-warm previously boiled eggs in boiling water. Sprinkle crayon shavings and glitter over the egg and let them run.



Washi Tape.

[note color=”#ffffff”]Instructions: Eyecandy Event Details

Wrap with Washi tape (just ask for it at your craft store). Done.




[note color=”#ffffff”]Instructions: Instructables

Add margarine to the dye before dipping the egg.

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Colored Sharpies.

[note color=”#ffffff”]Instructions: Housing a Forest

Color your design with sharpie marker onto your room temp egg. Slowly drip rubbing alcohol onto the egg. The colors will mix and blend. Let dry. Viola! No two are the same.




[note color=”#ffffff”]Instructions: L’il Luna

easter egg subway egg art

Stick on vinyl letters, paint your egg, then peel your letters off.




[note color=”#ffffff”]Instructions: Alisa Burke


Dab or brush your egg with a Q-tip “paintbrush”.



Nail Polish.

[note color=”#ffffff”]Instructions: Henry Happened

Add nail polish to water, swirl it around a little, then dip!




Happy Easter!!


Tied, Buttoned, and Wrapped Easter Eggs

Tied, Buttoned, and Wrapped Easter Eggs

I went on a little hunt for non-traditional Easter egg decorating. Three hours of pinning later (I KNOW!), I ended up with a huge list, and probably a lot fewer followers on Pinterest.

Is it just me being easily distracted, or does anyone else lose hours of their day searching Pinterest?  Crap, I’ve blown through half a bag of Cheetos and a huge bowl of Tillamook White Chocolate Raspberry Yum ice cream. (If you haven’t yet, you’ve GOT to try it – crack ice cream I tell ya! – I’m sorry for the tease for those of you who can’t get Tillamook dairy products in your area – nananananaaaaa na). I wonder if I get a free case of this stuff from Tillamook for the plug…

Oh wow, veered way off-subject there for a wee bit, I apologize.

So back to the eggs. I found all KINDS of alternatives to the standard dyed eggs and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to include everything I found, or just be neat and tidy and go with one category. The OCD in me won. Below are some of the prettiest and most creative eggs I found using yarn, twine, lace, fabric, etc. Click on the image to be taken to the instructions. Tomorrow I’ll post all the other cool ones I found. Enjoy!

Button Covered Easter Eggs

Buttons (Dot Com Women)

Crocheted (Red Heart)


Ribbon (Shabby Chicks)

Crocheted (My Desert Cottage)


Braided Yarn (Mom on Time Out)

Wrapped Easter eggs

Yarn (Better Homes and Gardens)

Ribbon and rickrack eggs

Ribbon and Rick Rack (Better Homes and Gardens)

Fabric (Sewing Daisies)

Craft Thread (Craftberry Bush)

Baker’s Twine (Crafts Unleashed)

Lace (Celebrating Everyday Life)

Shabby Chic Easter Eggs From Dollar Store Plastic Eggs by Design, Dining + Diapers, rustic easter eggs, jute eggs, spring decor, diy easter eggs, decorative easter eggs, dollar store craft

Shabby Chic Twine (Design, Dining + Diapers)


Pipe Cleaners (Pajama Crafters)

Thread (Martha Stewart)

crochet easter eggs 20+ Best New Free Crochet Patterns and Crochet Tutorials (Mid Week Link Love)

Crocheted (Greedy for Colour)

Mint Green Easter Eggs

Buttons and Lace (Flamingo Toes)

Crocheted (LVLY)

Crocheted (Flax & Twine)

Ribbon (8 Balloons)

Thread-wrapped (Martha Stewart)

Later gator!



$5 Easter Centerpiece

$5 Easter Centerpiece


I’m the queen of late. Organized doesn’t always equal being prompt. Also, plans change.

When plans change and it involves people coming over to the house, that’s when I kick into high gear (not high budget) and try to bring a little life and fun to our decor.

What’s that mean? Do something to add color and cheer and make it look like I’ve got my act together when anyone comes to my home.

I literally walked into WalMart (if you’re judging right now, this is the WRONG site to be visiting), I had a goal of spending no more than $5 to create an Easter/Spring-ish look on the table.

I grabbed:

  • A pack of plastic eggs. ($0.98)
  • A plastic, scalloped Easter basket with a handle, which I removed. ($0.98)
  • A bunch of fresh flowers. ($1.50)
  • A glass vase (I already had it – from the Dollar Store)

Grand total: $3.46

Throw everything together (almost literally) and BOOM, I’ve got an Easter centerpiece.

Do you have any quick, cheap and easy Easter or Spring decor to share? Comment below.

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