6 DIY Shower Curtain Ideas

6 DIY Shower Curtain Ideas

I was stalking looking at Instagram for the millionth time yesterday (Find me, I’m @tawshaconnell) and came across an image a friend posted. Oh, gee, an image on Instagram? What a concept. Gah, I’m brilliant at explanations and telling stories. This is what she posted (I eliminated her name because I didn’t ask to share this).


First thing: Don’t EVER spend $219 on a shower curtain. Frick, don’t spend $50. What are you, the Queen? I’ll walk over to your house and slap you myself. Though my friend didn’t ask me, anytime anyone posts something I know a little about, I assume they’ve posted it just to hear my feedback. Lucky them.

Oh look…I have feedback! Make it. Don’t buy it!

I went searching for quick, cheap and easy ways to make a cool shower curtain. I think only one of these requires a sewing machine. The rest are no sew glue or started off as cheap white shower curtains.

DIY shower curtain chevron print

Source: The Good, The Bad and The Truth

grey and white striped DIY shower curtain

Source: Angie Helm Interiors

DIY shower curtain Italian

Source: Parties for Pennies

black striped shower curtain

Source: The Harpster Home (this is a sewing tutorial)


green striped diy shower curtain

Source: Craftaholics Anonymous (sewing tutorial)

black and white striped no sew shower curtain

Source: Three Pink Dots

This one is cool because it’s a new-sew tutorial and includes an entire above shower decor idea. I wish there was an after picture on the website. I’m still wondering why the dog is in the photo and looking in the tub. N’awl right then.

Which one is your favorite?

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