4 Cocktails & Appetizers for your Last-Minute St. Patrick’s Day Party!

4 Cocktails & Appetizers for your Last-Minute St. Patrick’s Day Party!


We do everything last minute here. It’s just how we roll. We love a challenge!

So you want to put on a party tonight but don’t know if you can pull it off in one day?  Oh HELL yeah. Cake! You just need to be efficient and have a plan.  Here’s how we do it…

Day of Party:

  1. In the morning, call your friends and invite them over for a casual get-together tonight.
  2. Hang up the phone and immediately start the 10-Step Quick Clean of your house. Don’t get all cray-cray, just hit the visible spots and tidy up everything else.
  3. Make out your grocery list and liquor list. Don’t dawdle (love that word, it sounds British or something).
  4. Grab your lists and head to the liquor store for your cocktail ingredients.
  5. Next, stop at the Dollar Store to get a few awesome decorations that nobody will believe you got at the Dollar Store. Remember to grab some napkins, plasticware, tablecloth, etc.
  6. Your last stop is the grocery store. Stay focused, and just systematically shop your list.
  7. Get home, put your groceries away, and take a break to have a little lunch.
  8. Refreshed? Okay. Now, do as much food prep as you can for tonight (might as well clean out that fridge before you store all your goodies away).
  9. Get out all your decorations, tape, Command hooks, etc. and make your house all festive. Set out your plates, napkins, glasses (turn upside down), etc.
  10. Take a quick look around. All good? Look at you go! Now go take yourself a shower and get ready.
  11. Make yourself a drink, pop anything that needs to be warmed in the oven, and wait for everyone to show up.
Pretty proud of yourself, right now?  It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you just get yourself organized and keep things simple. Find your recipes below.

Green Cocktails

drink collage

 Cocktail Recipes…

Green Appetizers

appetizer collageAppetizer Recipes…

Have fun at your party, and YAY YOU!
Talk soon!
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