5 Ways to Take Control of your Chaos

5 Ways to Take Control of your Chaos

taking control of your chaos | organized CHAOS onlineThis was me. Until about an hour ago.

I was sitting in the same clothes I slept in, my hair was on top of my head (okay, it still is), my house was a mess, I have things to do more than I have time in a day and I was literally frozen in place.

This happens more than I care to admit.

My “thing” when I feel overwhelmed is to look in one direction toward something I need to complete and say, “Okay.” I’ll turn around and see another project and say it again… “Okay.” This will happen about 20 more times and it accomplishes nothing.

Have you ever felt this way?

It seems that September is the month that kicks us into a speed of about 500 miles an hour and it doesn’t stop until January. The chores, holidays, events and activities start coming in a lightning speed and unless you’re on your game, this will send you into a cell with padded walls.

Let’s control our chaos.

But how?

Get up and do something. It doesn’t have to be something huge. Your goal is to look for something that will provide a sense of accomplishment. It has a starting point and an ending point in a short amount of time.


notepadJust start writing. Unload what’s on your mind. This doesn’t have to be in order, all under the same topic or even written well. The goal is to get that clutter out of your head and on paper. You can go back and sort it out later.


shower-organizationWhether it’s your shower, the bottom of your closet, the silverware drawer or the spice cabinet. Tackle a small space that, everytime you go back to it, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Once you get started on your small space, you’ll get the drive to do other things. Tip: Set a timer. Don’t let this take you all day. It’s a small space and should take a small amount of time. If it feels like it’s too in depth, move on to something else. For now, at least.


creating-a-scheduleI’ve been talking to so many people who have all their days filled with sports, activities, club meetings, organization and travel. It gets so nuts. Start jotting it down in a calendar and make a schedule. Once you know when things are happening, your brain will start to sort it out, too. Place your important dates where they belong and back track a week or two and set yourself a reminder that your important date is approaching. This way, you aren’t caught off guard.


laundryAt my house, the laundry is the one thing I never keep up with. It is typically washed and dried but then it’s stacked up on the table in my laundry room neatly folded in half to avoid wrinkles…until my husband or son goes to look for the worlds smallest item within the stack. Then it topples. Taking the time to hang, fold and put away laundry is almost impossible. The funny thing is: Once I do it, I feel so much better. For you… find a chore that is nagging at you. What has a starting point and ending point and will make you feel better once accomplished? Do that thing.


fall-wreathIf the inside is just too much right now, go outside. How about adding a festive wreath or swapping out your summer flowers for something more fall-like (or whatever season you wish)? There’s a definite sense of pride when you drive up to your home and you see colorful flowers and decor. Everything feels so tidy and put together. Just don’t invite anyone in.

Are you rolling your eyes right now? Just like working out, you’ll feel better afterwards.

tawsha connell

How to Fold Laundry Quickly

How to Fold Laundry Quickly


Doing laundry isn’t the problem. It’s folding it and putting it away.

I wish little elves would pop up out of nowhere and take the laundry out of the dryer right after the cycle is over (not a day later when a 10 minute fluff is in order), start folding and distributing the clothing, towels and bedding to their proper place. If anyone is thinking of starting a business, let me tell you – this is it! Elves aren’t a requirement.

Since that little fantasy isn’t happening anytime soon, it’s time to take the bull by the horns and figure out a way.

We don’t have time to sit around and fold. It needs to be quick and it needs to be simple. Oh, and it also has to look good.

Is that too much to ask?



Click out the image tutorial (below) or watch the video. I guarantee your mind will be BLOWN! Mine was.

Source: Mr Porter Click for tutorial

Source: Mr Porter
Click for tutorial

Source: Starfold Click for PDF instructions

Source: Starfold
Click for PDF instructions

Starfold (website that above tutorial is from) has a free downloadable PDF that outlines how to fold everything from shirts to pants to sheets. Click the image to be led to their website.

You can also stick around to see what else we have to share.


You can hang them in a closet year-round, you can pack them in a space bag and suck all the air out of them or you can fold your coats and hoodies during the off-season. Also use this tip when packing for a trip.

Source: Cat Morley Click for more tutorials

Source: Cat Morley
Click for more tutorials


When I was 16, I worked at JC Penney and I was taught the “Levi fold”. Working in the Young Mens department and folding eleventy billion jeans, I mastered the fold. I’ve never forgotten it and I still fold all my pants that way. Quick instructions:

  • Fold your jeans in half the long way with the back pockets facing out (in school, we called it the “hotdog length”)
  • Flip the legs of your pants up to where the bottom of your jean leg just touches the middle of your back pocket emblem
  • Your jeans will be folded almost in half (in school, we called it the “hamburger length”)
  • Flip the remainder of your jeans up toward the waistband.
  • Your jeans will be folded in half and looking dang fine.

A more visual way to do it is below.

Source: Cat Morley Click for even more instructinos

Source: Cat Morley
Click for even more instructinos


There’s a little magic involved in folding sheets. I’m not talking about flat sheets. That’s easy peasy. Just fold in half, in half and then in thirds.

Fitted sheets, however, requires patience and even, sometimes, a lot of wine. My mom can fold a fitted sheet like nobody’s business. Sober. She’s magic. While this isn’t mom, I’ve found another fitted sheet magician.

Source: Aulit Fine Linens Click for tutorial and video

Source: Aulit Fine Linens
Click for tutorial and video


In order to make your linen closet look great and stay organized, folding towels the “correct” way is essential. Don’t just throw them in there. They should look like a flat cinnamon roll and be all cozy and ready to use when you need them.

Source: Jen from the Block Click for full tutorial

Source: Jen from the Block
Click for full tutorial

These tips will never replace that fantasy of someone else doing the laundry but it will definitely save a ton of time and make your closets look good in the process.

Whether you’re organized or not, you can certainly fake it ’til you make it.

tawsha connell