Let’s Go Glamping!

Let’s Go Glamping!


Glamping. What is it?

Glam + Camping = Glamping

Bottom line, glamping is for people like me. The ones who don’t want to “rough it” camping, who don’t want to eat hot dogs night after night, who wants to sleep in something similar to a bed with sheets, blankets and pillows and who wants their site to be clean and cute.

If you’re a real-life camper, you hate me right now.

Glamping sounds pretty perfect. You basically bring a kitschy look to a campsite. Decorate, bring DIY projects, cook great food, allow for luxuries and have a great time with friends. Seriously, how fun would a glamping trip be for all of us? Wanna go?

Let’s break it down on how to plan such a trip and look like you know what you’re doing (FYI, it’s all personal preference).

Guide to glamping - wiley valentine - organizedCHAOSonline

Adorable Guide from Wiley Valentine
(click for more)


Here’s a checklist from GlampingGirl.com.

So, where do you go? First things first: Choose a location.

best camping spots organizedCHAOSonline

(You can even choose a Glamping-specific location. No, I’m not joking.)

Once you get to your location, you set up your glampsite. Make it cute. There are actually resources for glamping-specific decor and supplies. Like Glamping Holiday in the UK.


glamping supplies on organizedCHAOSonline

Source: Glamping Holiday


Glampsite: Sunset

Set up an average tent (taller if you want to hang stuff from the “ceiling”) and add a double-decker type inflatable bed, sheets, pillows, blankets and some bedroom comforts from home.


chandelier with cheap lightsOutside, you’ll want to add your touch of flair. Bring a chandelier and replace the bulbs with outdoor lights. Hang the chandelier from a tree and even add colored fabric to drape from the branches.

As far as the table-area goes, this is where you’ll be spending some time so make it simple to clean yet cute. Buying a pack of mason jars may work out great. Place silverware in a mason jar and then a silverware holder.

silverware holder

Retro dishes can be added to your picnic table. You can get all fancy retro or buy mismatched dishes from a second hand store. Get creative. Also, add a table runner (or wrapping paper) down the center of the table and litter with candles. Citronella candles are probably best.

glamping dishes

Not just ANY citronella candle, though. Try the below DIY candle in a mason jar.

Source: Put It In A Jar Mason jar citronella candle (click for instructions)

Source: Put It In A Jar
Mason jar citronella candle
(click for instructions)

Source: Sunset

Source: Sunset


Now that you’ve got your site all set up, it’s time to rev up that outdoor kitchen.

Pack your spices in a pill organizer.

spices in pill box

Start making your meals over the fire.

Oh wait, starting the fire. Have you ever tried this simple campfire starter?

Source: Sew Many Ways (click for instructions)

Source: Sew Many Ways
(click for instructions)


There’s a quick guide to no mess campfire cooking HERE.

How about a walking taco?

Source: Unsophisticook (click for recipe)

Source: Unsophisticook
(click for recipe)

Six Sisters Stuff also posted 25 recipes here (that includes the below banana instructions – I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!)

Source: Six Sisters Stuff (click for recipes)

Source: Six Sisters Stuff
(click for recipes)


Duh! You can go alcoholic or non alcoholic. The rule is to make it a bit fancy. Add sparkling water or champagne and you’re set.

Source: Merry Brides (click for recipe)

Source: Merry Brides
(click for recipe)


Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade Source: Erin's Food Files (click for recipe)

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade
Source: Erin’s Food Files
(click for recipe)

Source: intimate weddings

Source: intimate weddings

The glass? Also fancy (and DIY)

Source: The Blissfully Content Life (click for instructions)

Source: The Blissfully Content Life
(click for instructions)

Or not fancy.

redneck champagne flute(I’d totally fill this with a pre-made margarita or beer. I know, I’m super classy like that.


It’s not a camping (er…glamping) trip without s’mores.

S'mores Bar Source: Martie Knows (Click for how-to)

S’mores Bar
Source: Martie Knows
(Click for how-to)

Maybe individual packs for the girls? Add in a skewer and you’ve got yourself a complete s’mores-to-go pack.

Source: My Life at Playtime

Source: My Life at Playtime

Cheers to you and your glamping trip!

How CUTE would you look in this shirt, some worn jean shorts and Toms?

Source: Campbrand

Source: Campbrand

Have you ever gone glamping? We’re starting a Pinboard dedicated to it. You can pin to it, too. Just comment with your name on Pinterest and we’ll add you. Together, we’ll make the most epic-looking pinterest Glamping board EVER!

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Hopscotch On the Grass

Hopscotch On the Grass

paint hopscotch

TIP OF THE DAY: Spray paint a game of hopscotch on your grass.

This is great for younger kids or if you don’t want to play in the street or driveway. Keep ’em contained.

tawsha connell