I Don’t Read Blogs

I Don’t Read Blogs

Blogs in blue

I don’t read blogs, I read email.

Sound familiar?

I can’t find enough time during the day to hop around to different blogs to read updates. If I could, I would. I’m missing out on some really cool ideas, personalities, stories and inspiration.

I hate missing out!

Google reader has been available for some time. It allowed you to just log into your Google account and see all the blogs you follow. That service is no longer available after Monday (thanks for the reminder Mama Laughlin). See what you can learn from following blogs?

Have you heard of Bloglovin’? Cheesy name for a really cool and simple-to-use program. It’s a way to get updates from your favorite blogs in email form. Not a billion emails…just one.


Here’s what you do:

  1. Head on over to www.bloglovin.com
  2. Create an account for free
  3. Search for blogs you love (if you already know of some you like) such as organizedCHAOSonline. Just sayin’.
  4. Whenever you happen upon a blog you like, look for the “bloglovin” image or clickable link to add to your list (image can also look like this bloglovin widget and appear in a group of social icons like we have at the top right of the blog).
  5. Wait for your daily email and do literally nothing but read what they send you.

It’s so easy and you get just ONE email a day. Have I mentioned that, yet? No junk or overloaded inboxes, here.

If you are familiar with following blogs and you are one of those people who are freaking out a little about losing the blogs you already follow? Gimme Some Oven posted a detailed (and also simple) how-to list.

Now that you’re all set up, test it out by following us. If you don’t like it, you can unfollow.

A Super-Easy Way to Stay Connected With Us

A Super-Easy Way to Stay Connected With Us

Before you start reading, don’t get overwhelmed because you may not have heard about what we’re introducing. We hadn’t, either. In every way, we’ll break it down for you to show why we’re helping to make your life more efficient.

It’s called “following a blog”. What does that mean? It means that you get updates sent to you rather than you having to remember to go to them. Think of it like shipping. You’ve “ordered” updates of the blog and we “deliver” updates to your account. You check one account and you’re done.

We have just listed this blog on Bloglovin’. It’s a free and simple way to follow the blogs you love.

All you do is sign up and your blogs will land into one area. Easy peasy, right?

Click the link below to follow organizedCHAOSonline.

Follow organizedCHAOSonline with Bloglovin by clicking here.


Don’t know what the heck we’re talking about? Here’s a visual tutorial by Nutritionella. Thank you for being so awesome!

Bloglovin header

click to be led to tutorial