Reader Website Evaluation

We Need Your Feedback!


We are working on our site to turn it into exactly what YOU want. We are continually asking ourselves and each other…What do they want to see? What are they interested in? What have they asked for that we haven’t given them? Then it occurred to us…duh {palm to forehead} Who better to ask than YOU?

So here we are, standing naked in front of you, asking you to give us your absolutely honest input. What do you want? Tell us!! Help us to improve by completing the survey below. We know you’re busy, so we’ve tried to keep it short and sweet, and…we’ve added a little incentive…

For those of you who complete all 14 questions, your name will be submitted into our drawing to receive a custom notepad, like the one shown above, in a design of your choice, from DipDaDip (see more designs in her Etsy shop HERE). We will be drawing two names on October 10th.

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worth taking

Before you begin this survey, we ask you to do a little homework first by going to the Home Page of our website.

  1. Take a look at the Home page; the columns on either side, the colors, the layout, the content.
  2. Click on at least three of the main menu items on the black menu bar.
  3. Click on some of the submenu pages that are listed below the main menu items.
  4. Notice the appearance, layout and content on these pages.
  5. Jot down your thoughts (or make some mental notes), then return here to begin the survey.

Some of the below questions are followed by *. This indicates that an answer must be provided in order for you to submit your form for entry in our drawing.


The answers you give are for the sole purpose of helping us to improve our website, and to continue to offer you the type of content you come here to see.

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