purging month of january

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GOAL: To be able to find what you want when you want it.

what is the purging plan

We asked you what your trouble spots were and this is what you said:


expectations of blog on purging

EXPECTATIONS OF PROJECTS: Multiple times a week, we’ll post blogs that cover everything from the emotional side of getting rid of your “stuff” to instructions on how to physically get rid of it. Some projects look pretty intimidating but if you have a starting point, you’re golden.

We’ll offer simple solutions, inexpensive (or free) options and even visual aids to help you conquer this purging process.

We’re not out to create your house to be a showroom. We’re working together to help you rid your life of the things that are constantly cluttering your life. If you’re looking for picture-perfect results, this isn’t where you’re going to find them…at least this month. 

Purging goes on for the month of January. Each individual project doesn’t take much time at all.

We recommend you don’t drag it out. Set a timer. For us, because we’re totally ADD when it comes to chores like this, we just plow through it as quickly as possible. Estimate about an hour to two hours depending on the amount you need to purge. You don’t want to go on and on to the point where it’s taking over your life and you start to resent the process. In many cases, an hour is enough time to get in and get out – as long as you have a plan.

how to start purging and organizing

STARTING: Take a look around you. Make a list of the places where you’d like to cut the crap. Here’s a worksheet: [paiddownloads id=”30″]. Get it free by clicking the pink letters.

Then, watch the blog. That’s it. We’ll provide you with as much information, instructions and helpful tips as possible and you use them where they fit best.

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If, at any time, you have questions, a special request or need more, please CONTACT US. We love hearing from you!