Meet the Guest Bloggers

There is so much to talk about and share that it would be impossible for the two of us to do it all alone. Plus, this is all about community and collaboration. We love hearing from other people, getting new opinions and being entertained. This is where the GUEST BLOGGER comes in. Do you have something you want to share? Contact us by clicking the email image on the right-hand-side of the website.



  1. Full name is Melinda. My mom’s name was Linda.  WTF – WHO does that?  She swears she didn’t name me after her.  I do believe her but come on – all you could land on was Melinda?
  2. I’m 5’5” – I’d tell you how much I weigh but then I’d have to kill you. You seem nice, so I think I’ll keep that tidbit to myself.
  3. My favorite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing – I still want to learn how to dance like that but I’m a full body dry heave so at this point it’s a dream in my head and it will probably just stay there.
  4. I had braces but not until I was 18 when I had a job that included orthodontia – I swear I got that job JUST to get braces.
  5. I want braces again. I love them
  6. I do not look good with long hair but I really wish I did.  It’s kinda like Halle Berry with long hair – NOT a good look. Thank god she went back to short
  7. I LOVE rap music.  Not East Coast rap but West Coast.
  8. My dream car is a black Range Rover with black wheels and black windows. I’d rock that shit all over the place. Instead, I drive a red VW wagon.  It doesn’t quite pack the same punch, huh?  Whatever. It’s my favorite color of ‘almost paid off’ so I guess I’ll roll that for a bit.
  9. I am married and have been for 6.5 years but we have been together for closer to 13 years.  Holy hell… where did the time go?
  10. I (I mean we) have a 4.5 year old daughter.  I say ‘I’ because I’m the one that bares the body scars from this little one NOT him –he still has a six pack. A-hole.
  11. I’m a pretend runner. I want to be a runner SO bad but I keep getting in my own way. So, instead, I Wog. That’s walk/jog to the newbie.
  12. I absolutely hate walking into bars – I have since I was 21.  The act of walking through the front doors into a crowded area makes me feel like everyone is staring at me.  They aren’t, but I SWEAR they are.  Once I’m IN the bar then I’m fine.  Weird, I know.
  13. I’ve never watched the Star Wars series or trilogy or whatever the hell it’s called. No desire. I don’t care who the eff Luke is or who is god damn father is.
  14. At 33 I started drinking coffee.  It happened in Kona, Hawaii. Lord-love-a-duck, they make some good coffee.  Now I’m an addict and MUST. HAVE. COFFEE.
  15. I’ve only been out of the country once and that was to Mexico for our honeymoon. Yes, I live a sheltered life.
  16. I stare at people.  I don’t mean to but I do and it’s always obvious.  I don’t do it to be rude or mean.  I do it out of sheer curiosity.
  17. My daughter does the same – but she is 4 so she can get away with it – LUCKY!
  18. I have 3 tattoos – I want more.
  19. I should have been a dermatologist or a skin care professional because I LOVE extractions.
  20. If I had to re-do everything I would be a labor and delivery nurse – I’d rock at it – I just know I would.
  21. I can count, on one hand, who my CORE girlfriends are. They would do anything for me, and I them.  It’s a good feeling.  They are home to me and I cherish them immensely.
  22. I HATE wind.  If it’s windy outside and I’m outside you can guarantee that I’m cussing at mother nature.
  23. When I meet someone the first thing I do is look at their hands. Why? I look at wedding rings.  Yup, I sure do.  I LOVE them. If it sparkles then I wanna see it.  I won’t ASK you to see it – I’ll just stare at your hand – see number 16.
  24. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 18 months old and have had eye surgery to correct a lazy eye. Thankfully, my Mom had it corrected at a very young age, so many won’t even notice.  HOWEVER, some do and it’s embarrassing.  I will always have a soft spot for people with eye issues. It sucks.
  25. My daughter’s name is Kennedy Rose.  NO, not after Rose Kennedy.  I am the least political person you will ever meet. We just liked the name and went with it.  I will tell you that my other favorite name is Reagan.  If we have another girl (at some point) I would love nothing more than to name her Reagan but I won’t do it…..for obvious reasons.