Run a Screw through Soap Before Drilling

Run a Screw through Soap Before Drilling



Drill a hole through a bar of soap and hang it above your workbench. Run long screws across the soap before you drive them. They’ll smoothly penetrate the wood without stripping the screw head.

Source: Brian Bubenzer

Bakers Twine and String Storage

Bakers Twine and String Storage

twine holder | organized chaos online

Are you a crafty person who has baker’s twine, string, ribbon that seems to end up a jumbled mess? Try placing your spool in a sugar container and thread the string through the opening in the lid.


How to Read the Target Clearance Tags

How to Read the Target Clearance Tags

How to read the Target Clearance tags | TIP OF THE DAY on organizedCHAOSonline

If you’re a frequent Target clearance shopper, pay attention to certain numbers on the tag. At the top right of the tag, you’ll see the percentage of markdown for the item. In the image above, the item is marked down 30%. If you look at the price and it ends with an 8, the item will be marked down again so you might be able to return and snag it at a lower price. If the number ends with a 4, buy your clearance item because it won’t go down anymore.

Want to know which days the markdowns happen?

Monday: Kids Clothing, Stationery, Office Supplies, Gift Wrap and Electronics

Tuesday: Women’s Clothing and Domestics

Wednesday: Men’s Clothing, Toys and Health & Beauty

Thursday: Intimates, Shoes and Housewares

Friday: Cosmetics


Let’s shop, shall we?

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