New Year Statement Facebook Cover Images [FREE]

New Year Statement Facebook Cover Images [FREE]

Ringing in the new year means so many things. We can look back at the year and remember the good times, take note of the lessons we learned and count the blessings we may not have noticed were blessings at the time.

The best part of ringing in the new year is the hope, the dreams and the goals we set for ourselves. When we wake up tomorrow, we have a chance to start fresh.

Mom and I want to thank you for being a part of our lives, for being a part of organizedCHAOSonline. We’ve learned so much from you, we are inspired by your feedback and we are honored to be welcomed into your life. We have some awesome plans for 2014 which include growth, an opportunity for more of you to become involved and even a chance to turn the spotlight on you.

More to come…

Until then, make your own statement. We’ve created some facebook cover images you can place on your own timeline. Show the world you mean business in 2014! This is YOUR year. The best is yet to come!

Click download below the image and upload to your facebook account.


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Happy New Year, friends! Many well-wishes and tons of love!

tawsha connell

Hold Up… St. Nicholas Day Isn’t Christmas?

Hold Up… St. Nicholas Day Isn’t Christmas?

St. Nicholas Day

We’re obsessed with Elf on the Shelf to the point that we have a Facebook Group dedicated to it. [Join HERE] It’s been fun connecting with people we may never have met otherwise, sharing pictures, asking questions, getting ideas and even asking for help in a last-minute situation of “I forgot to move that creepy freaking elf AGAIN” that seems to happen to all of us at one point or another. Or more. Okay, okay. LOTS!

Within this group, we’re all getting to know each other through comments and personal posts. Most of the talk is Elf-related (duh) but an update from our new friend Tiffany completely threw us. She was talking about stockings and tangerines and the fact that St. Nick was showing up on December 6th.

Um…imsorryididnthearthatgibberish. What?

Of course we had to ask. We can’t let anything go. Like, ever.

She did.

Stocking night has become a tradition of ours. It is called Saint Nicholas Eve.

In Holland they would leave their shoes outside of the door and elves would fill them with little trinkets and tangerines. I use this as an opportunity to obtain my son’s Christmas list (so it never goes into a random mailbox for me never to know what is on it!). Every Dec 6th, as a family, we do a craft and our Christmas list like a snowflake. Before bed, we place the lists in our stockings and wake up to a stocking full of trinkets and a tangerine (Mommy & Daddy get a tangerine- no trinkets. The lists are, of course, gone because the elves brought them back to Santa at The North Pole.

We have celebrated stocking night since my son’s first Christmas and when we got our elf in 2011 we incorporated him Into the tradition. When my youngest wakes up in the morning, not only are there treats in the stockings, but the house (typically the living room) is trashed! On stocking night Duckie ( our Elf) gets to hang out with his friends and they have a big party!!! Typically, the tree is toilet papered and other things in the room are too. It is always the most memorable Elf on the Shelf day! This is definitely our favorite family tradition!


Okay, this is a pretty cool tradition.

The Low-Down on ol’ St. Nick and why this day exists:

During a time of severe persecution of Christians, this devout believer, a man of means, offered monies and gifts to those in need. Legend has it that he secretly gave bags of gold to three sisters, whose father was too poor to pay a dowry for them to marry. St. Nicholas supposedly pitched the bags through an open window, where they were said to land in the maidens’ shoes, hanging by the fireplace to dry. (source: Yahoo)

Tonight, if you can race through the house, here’s what happens

On the eve of December 5th, children set out their shoes – near their bedroom door or the chimney – in hopes of receiving a small gift or treat. If they’ve been good they will receive a little surprise on the morning of December 6th. If they’ve been naughty all they’ll find is a lump or two of coal.

Do you celebrate this day?

tawsha connell



Thank you for the email, Tiffany. You’ve opened our eyes to a really cool tradition. We’re grateful to know you.

Christmas cards the QUICK and EASY way

Christmas cards the QUICK and EASY way

Christmas cards the quick and easy way


If you are thinking about sending Christmas cards this year, well, bless you. You are in the minority and are single-handedly keeping the act of personal connection alive. Yay 1950’s!

Aside from getting cards, writing in them, sealing the envelopes and driving the giant pile to the *gasp* post office; what’s the most tedious part of sending cards? GATHERING THOSE FREAKING ADDRESSES!

Think about this for a second: When was the last time you sent snail mail to your second cousin or that aunt who lives in…wait…where did she move to? Do they winter in Florida or was that just last year?

See? It’s a pain.

Postable, friends. Go with Postable.

Almost since their launch, we have been using Postable and it’s insanely easy. Seeing the growth and how much the site helps our fellow busy people makes us a teensy bit proud.

No, we aren’t being paid to write any of this.

Postable Address Book


You create a free account where you can act as a person, a couple or a business.

Once you’re in, you may import any addresses you have, enter them manually or just send your account link and everyone can enter their OWN mailing address. This means NO. WORK. FOR. YOU.

Your friends and family will receive your link, click and then enter their address. All of your addresses will go into one place – in your account.

Check it out.

This is what your friends and family will see when you send them your link (this is ours)


When it comes time to send those holiday cards, you’ll have everything in one place. Did someone forget to enter their address? This means no card for them. See? It’s not your fault. Lezzzzbehonest… you haven’t talked to them in years anyway.


digital christmas cards postable


Oh, but wait. What if you don’t have your cards already?

Turns out, Postable has cards you can fill out online and have sent to the homes of your friends and family. What’s more? You can fill out just one message and have them sent to everyone.


postable christmas cards


It’s looking like my family just MAY get a card from ours this holiday season.

This is too easy. Too freaking easy.

We’re in love.

tawsha connell

Christmas card photo credit: Lauren Manning via photopin cc

Shop Small: The Most Recommended Online Shops

Shop Small: The Most Recommended Online Shops

Small Business Saturday | Shop Small | organized CHAOS online | Recommended Businesses

Small Business Saturday is one of the coolest ideas that has taken too long to catch on. Let’s put a little hustle in this movement, shall we? So many creative and driven people are running their own businesses from online boutiques to Etsy shops to actual “brick and mortar” locations. The amount of work and sacrifice that goes into starting a small business is something nobody can plan for. It’s intense and a lot of stress. But the moment you make your first sale, or the day you connect with your first customer, it makes all your hard work worth it. To think that someone in the world came to your business and spent money they earned on something you’re offering, something that you love and feel passionate about – the feeling is immeasurable.

Not all of us were born with the entrepreneurial spirit. But most of us were born with the shopping one!

This is where organizedCHAOSonline steps up. It’s our job, dear shopping obsessed friends, to support these businesses on Saturday, November 30th, and on into the future.

What started back in 2010 by American Express to shine a spotlight on small and local businesses, has turned into a nationally observed holiday where we shop the passions of our peers. It is officially called “Small Business Saturday.”

Throw it out on social media, and you’ll see that you’re not the only one tweeting, posting on Facebook and even promoting in your Instagram feed with the hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday.

Where should you shop?

Thanks for asking. Here’s our list of businesses you’ll want to shop this Small Business Saturday as recommended by the people we trust the most -YOU! The more this post gets shared, the more people will hear about these businesses. Click the share buttons below to help promote these hard-working businesses!

Start shopping!!



Custom Apparel

Rhinestone Sash:

  • Custom rhinestone sashes, shirts, etc for any occasion


Invitations and Papercraft

Pretty Pink Posh:

  • Embellishments for crafting projects

Stephanie Creekmur

  • Online stationery boutique and graphic design studio[


Bags, Clutches, Purses

Grandma’s Little Lilly:

  • Coupon Organizers, EReader Cases, iphone wallets

Hayden J:

  • Handcrafted bags, totes, clutches, etc.


Art, Illustrations, Prints & Photography

Charlie Duncan Photography

  • From portraits, to product shots, fine art for your walls, to mentoring

Otturatore Photography:

  • Specializing in newborn, children, and seniors and family photography

Flapper Doodle:

  • Illustrations of 1920’s flappers Eloise and Ramona, assorted illustrated goodies

I Love It All:

  • Subway art prints, posters, mini books, journals, greeting cards

Eryn Marie Designs

  • Decorative murals, hand painted furnishings and custom murals



Hardwear Designs:

  • Mixed media jewelry and art


  • Handmade Map and Book Cufflinks, Jewellery, and Decor

Olive Yew

  • Handmade trendy gold jewelry. Simple designs.


  • Artisan jewelry

The Noisy Cricket:

  • Personalized hand stamped sterling jewelry


Mens/Womens Clothing

Morton James Boutique:

  • Well curated mens and womens clothing and accessories
well curated clothing and accessories
well curated clothing and accessories


Children’s Clothing and Toys


  • Modern clothing for your little one

Addison Renee Boutique

  • Hair bows and a new line of boy accessories


Fitness, Health & Beauty

Nerium with Terri Yankovich

  • Skincare products


Housewares, Home Decor and Gifts

Oh Little Rabbit:

  • Eco Friendly, Organic, Hand Printed Housewares & Gifts

Printing Grounds:

  • Handcrafted wares for you and your home

re.Served by Victoria:

  • Reclaimed serving and home decor pieces customized with hand-drawn updates

Tennessee Sweet Tea Creations:

  • Handcrafted home decor

Aedriel Originals

  • Distinctive tableware and earthenware home accents



B is for Buttons:

  • Original buttons for all occasions, or make your own

Sisters Whimzy

  • Totes, bags, trunksters and other fun things. Will personalize.

C Jayne Teach

  • Organizational products for classrooms and educators

Flow Yoga Designs

  • Hand painted yoga mats and products all inspired by yoga

Haus of Ariella:

  • Jewelry, photography, home decor


Events and Party Supplies

Oh Goodie Designs

  • Custom party products. Event consulting and coordinating company


Giving Back, Nonprofit, Feel Good Shopping

Art to Aid

  • Artists of all kinds donating profits from art sales for charities you nominate


patti and tawsha

Easy Last Minute DIY Thanksgiving Decor: Burlap, Duct Tape and Shelf Liner

Easy Last Minute DIY Thanksgiving Decor: Burlap, Duct Tape and Shelf Liner

Easy Last Minute DIY Thanksgiving Decor: Burlap, Duct Tape and Shelf Liner

As with the way I do everything, I don’t take action until it’s crunch time. We’re hosting Thanksgiving, and for two weeks I’ve been thinking of ways I’d like to decorate. I’ve been laz-ing through Pinterest getting ideas, and even made a collage of ideas so I could print it and look it over when I was done working for the day and kicked back relaxing. Therein lies the problem. I work from home, and the past two weeks we’ve been slammed. There IS no “done working” nor was there any “kick-back” time or relaxing.

So here it is, two days before Thanksgiving and I just finished making my decorations…which means my decorations are done, but my house is trashed. When I’m crafting, I apparently like to involve every room in my house. Downstairs for supplies, office floor for assembly, haul it all to the living room to see how it looks, lay my project on the kitchen table to rummage through the house looking for more supplies, stack unused supplies at the top of the stairs to go down, well…you get the picture.

Here I sit with my grocery list still to be made, the house to clean, hours of work still to do, and this blog to finish that I wanted to share with those of you who have just realized you’re running out of time and need to make your house somewhat Thanksgiving-y before your guests show up. Use this quick tutorial for ideas. What I’ve done doesn’t have to be what you do. I used what I had in my craft room. All these projects should cost you is the time you decide you want to put into them. Improvise with what you have. Substitute, burlap for fabric, duct tape for a Sharpie, and come up with your own version of this last-minute DIY Thanksgiving decor.

Table Runner

Burlap and Duct Tape Table Runner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline


  • Burlap
  • Black duct tape
  • Black Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Foamboard (2 pieces)
  • Pins

Burlap and Duct Tape Table Runner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

[spacer]Measure how long and wide you want your table runner. Roll out your burlap. I needed mine to be 60″ long. Burlap slips and slides around a bit, so to be able to work on mine, I butted two foam boards end to end, and pinned my burlap to them. It kept it from shifting and I was able to work on the whole runner instead of a section at a time.

Burlap and Duct Tape Table Runner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

Measure and mark where you want to put your tape. For my design, I found the center of the tape, then ripped it the length of my measured amount. For my middle stripe, I ripped one of the halves down the middle, then I ripped one of those in half for the thinnest stripe.

Burlap and Duct Tape Table Runner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

[spacer]Start sticking your tape on your runner using the lines you marked as a guide. NOTE: After this picture was taken, I replaced the thin bottom stripe with the widest one, then worked my way toward the center, adding the medium sized one, then the thinnest.

Burlap and Duct Tape Table Runner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

[spacer]In the corners I knocked the dust off a stencil I’ve had like forever, and colored the design in with a Sharpie. I saw a similar table runner on Pinterest and they had stenciled words along the side.I loved the look! This time I used duct tape just for the sake of saving time, but If I make another one, I’ll Sharpie some words along the side in cursive, and also color the lines in with Sharpie. To Finish: Pull strings away from the sides to ‘fray’ the edges.

Mantle Banner

Burlap Mantle Banner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline


  • Burlap (cut in rectangles)
  • Patterned scrapbook paper
  • Solid color scrapbook paper
  • Glue gun
  • Pins
  • Ruler
  • Black extra wide bias tape
  • Twine
  • Buttons
  • Stick-on letters
  • Black acrylic craft paint
  • Stiff bristled paintbrush


Burlap Mantle Banner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

Decide what size you want your banner and how many letters you’ll require for the words you’ll use. Cut enough burlap pieces for your letters, allowing another inch to the square heights to allowing for turning over. Decide the size of your patterned square and cut that amount. Finally, measure and cut your solid paper squares that you’ll stick your letters on. My measurements were: Burlap squares: 5’x6-1/2″ Patterned: 3-1/2″x4-1/2″ Solid: 2-3/4″x3″.I ended up cutting down the width of my squares after I eyeballed them on my mantle and realized the banner would be way too wide. Our mantle is fairly small, and I would have had to attach one end in the dining room! Okay, I’m embellishing a bit, but be sure to pin everything and give it a dry run before you start wielding your glue gun.[spacer]

Burlap Mantle Banner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

To get the edges of your solid paper to have a vintage look, lay your square on some scratch paper. Dip the end of your brush in a very little amount of paint. Brush your brush back and forth over the scratch paper until most of the paint is off your brush. Holding your brush at an angle, press down as you brush against the edge of your square. (You’ll get a feel for how hard to brush and how much paint to use as you go to get the amount of shading you want). You might want to do a practice square until you get the look you’re after. [spacer]

Burlap Mantle Banner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

Stick your letters onto your solid colored squares. Glue your solid squares onto your patterned squares. Glue your patterned square onto your burlap rectangle, leaving room at the top to fold the top edge down. Glue underneath the top edge of your burlap and fold it down, pressing and creasing the flap until it dries.[spacer]

Burlap Mantle Banner Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

To Finish: Center your squares on the black bias tape. When you have them where you want them, open the tape and glue the back of the squares onto the bottom half of the tape. Glue the top of the squares and fold the tape over them. Embellish with buttons, twine, etc. website-divider

Candle Jar Wraps

Burlap, Shelf Liner and Buttons Candle Wrap Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline


  • Rubberized shelf liner
  • Buttons
  • Twine
  • Glue gun
  • Burlap pieces
  • Coffee beans
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Black paper
  • Epsom salt
  • Glass containers + two glass votives
  • Tealights
  • Branches


Burlap, Shelf Liner and Buttons Candle Wrap Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

Wrap shelf liner around candle jar to get the measurement for cutting. Allow for the liner to have an overlap on the front. Cut the liner, then cut a small piece of burlap the same width as your liner (this will be glued to the end of the overlap). [spacer]

Burlap, Shelf Liner and Buttons Candle Wrap Tutorial | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

Glue burlap piece to underside of liner end. Glue buttons to top of liner. Scotch tape one end of the liner to your container (to keep it from slipping), then wrap the liner around the glass. Glue the underside of the overhang and push it against the liner. Fill container with coffee beans, push the glass votive into beans, and add a tealight. [spacer]

For Center Container:

Cut thin piece of shelf liner long enough to wrap around your glass container and glue it on itself. Wrap twine twice around the liner then tie in a knot leaving ends long. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper the side you want. Cut a piece of the black paper slightly larger. Cut a small strip of burlap that will extend past both edges. Glue the burlap onto the black paper. Glue the scrapbook paper over the burlap onto the black paper. Punch a hole through the corner of the paper and thread one of the strings from one side and one from the other side through the hole. Now  thread one of the strings through one of the button holes, and one string from the other side through the other button-hole. Pull the strings to snug them up against the paper, then tie a bow. Trim the string where you want them. Fill the container with Epsom salts, then push branches into the salt.

Another couple quick ideas…

Lace Covered Candle Votive | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

Glue strips of lace around a candle. I love the patterns it makes on the walls. Easy peasy![spacer]

Thankful, Blessed, Family Framed Sign | Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decor | organizedCHAOSonline

Open a Word document. Type a few words that say what Thanksgiving means to you. Randomly change the font color. Copy and paste the words to the end of the page, then choose full justify. Print on colored cardstock, then frame. There you go. I hope these ideas will help get your creative juices flowing.


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