Business Start Up


Take Your Business Online eBook SystemFeaturing…

Step by step instruction on how to get your business started TODAY on a $0 budget!

Sixteen chapters of simple, easy to follow explanations with lots of visuals

Packed full of downloads, printables, and resources!

[note color=”#d0cece”]The entire book is beautifully formatted for printing, including cover and section dividers. Put your printed pages in a 3-ring binder to keep at your desk. You’ll find you’ll refer to the  resources provided over and over again.

The Online Business Start-up System eBook includes everything you’ll need to take your business online. Get it TODAY!   Instant Download only $9[/note]

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  • Working from home –  office tools
  • How to create a paperless office
  • Easy to understand legal advice
  • How to plan for your Business’s future
  • Hiring staff – pros and cons and how-to’s
  • How to set up a virtual office – resources included
  • Branding your business – resources and DIY tools
  • Website creation tools – DIY resources
  • Selling products from your site (ecommerce)
  • Blogging tips and tricks
  • Efficiency tools in every area of business
  • Photo sharing and storage
  • Quick ways to make money online – advertising tools
  • Social media habits, explanations and time saving tools
  • How to identify your customer and target them in marketing
  • Organizing ideas for your office, your computer, yourself


Only $9  Get Yours TODAY! Instant Download


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