The Couch Potato’s Quick Workout

The Couch Potato’s Quick Workout

Hey friends. We’re unofficially officially naming Coral our go-to fitness expert. If you haven’t read up on what she wrote before, start HERE. Short story: Coral is a mom of two who was sick of not being happy with her body. She didn’t do anything other than start moving…in her home…with nothing special at all. That, and better eating, resulted in the more toned version of her hot self.

Are you feeling lazy and big? Wanna be fit and thinner? Well, duh.

Without further ado, here’s Coral, who will give you the quick, cheap, and easy way to avoid the Jingle Bulge. She’s honest, she’s funny and she’s been in your shoes.

Coral's workout with her son

Tis the season y’all. This is the time of year that we are surrounded by all the good stuff, the parties, the snuggles on the couch watching holiday movies, the baking, the sweets, the booze etc. and it’s also the time leading up to New Year’s resolutions.  So what do we do? We set goals for AFTER the holidays right?  Well hot damn we can just work all this off in January? Oh joy!  Now for me that means I will eat whatever I want, as much as I want, drink all the cocktails and chillax cause I’m going to have all this extra time and energy in the new year. Maybe I’ll even join a gym (Insert massive eye roll). This approach might be great for some.  They might miraculously have surplus time and energy in January. It’s possible I’m sure but look at the mentality behind that. Binge until you are ready to cut it out completely?  Isn’t that a bit like binge drinking & drugging before checking yourself into rehab?  That’s pretty effed up but we’ve all done it.

holiday cookie jar

photo credit: thegardenbuzz via photopin cc

If we want long lasting changes it can’t be seasonal. So I’d like to propose a challenge to end the year. Let’s start moving our asses now.  I’m not implying that we shouldn’t partake in the festivities so don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t an all or nothing cold turkey kind of venture.  There must be balance.  We can totally party and enjoy traditions but just because we’re going to have Christmas cookies and egg nog with Aunt Sally on Saturday doesn’t mean we need to stuff our pie holes with cookies all damn week. We gotta earn it so we can enjoy guilt free. Plan ahead, eat well leading up to those events and get in your workouts.  It’s possible.

Believe it or not there are people out there that love to workout.   I however am most definitely not one of those people.  I still search for excuses and need to try like hell to fight the urge to justify letting myself off the hook so I need to get creative with how I fit it in. Just like you I’m busy, I’m tired, I don’t want to give up time with my family and I need my social life. All of these become more amplified during the holidays. It’s exhausting but I feel totally empowered when I can make it work. Even if I finish a workout at 10:45 at night because I procrastinated all freaking day I still feel like I’ve conquered the world.  So how can you fit a workout in with all this shit going on?

Coral's workout with kids

Got kids?

They make for awesome weights and workout buddies. It’s fun for them and a killer workout for you. I have a pretty light weight (my 10 week old) and a heavy weight (my 6 year old) & it’s pretty easy to incorporate exercise into our play.  At this point rocking my son to sleep is impossible. He wants squats!

family time coral workout

Got a couch?

I’ve been asked how I keep my arms toned.  Well, truth is I work upper body either standing in front of or while camped out on the couch watching the tube and I’ve put in A LOT of hours like that. I kinda feel like a lame ass even admitting that but there are days when I get home from work and just need to sit down and veg so I plunk my ass down with a set of dumbbells and bust out variations of bicep and shoulder moves.

Coral's workout chillax'n timeGot a smart phone?

I know y’all can afford free & I know that y’all can carve out at least 15 minutes of your day to get your heiny moving.  You have got to download the Nike Training Club app. There are tons of options in this app. Seriously tons. There are full workouts for cardio, strength, HIIT etc. with video tutorials on each and every move but when I’m super swamped I’ll look under the “Get Focused” tab to find a 15 minute workout and squeeze that shit in. They are actually pretty intense and although 15 minutes a day might not get you ripped it will keep you in the habit of staying active. You can add in the longer workouts come January when you’ve got all that extra time laying around *wink wink*. Until then get your 15 minutes in before heading out to the next holiday party.

Coral's workout planCoral's workout social lifeThat’s it, guys. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  So why not start the new year feeling good about the changes you’ve already made eh?  Let everyone else make resolutions while you continue towards your goals.  I mean shit, if you can start this during the holidays you’re already a freaking rock star.


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Shop Small: The Most Recommended Online Shops

Shop Small: The Most Recommended Online Shops

Small Business Saturday | Shop Small | organized CHAOS online | Recommended Businesses

Small Business Saturday is one of the coolest ideas that has taken too long to catch on. Let’s put a little hustle in this movement, shall we? So many creative and driven people are running their own businesses from online boutiques to Etsy shops to actual “brick and mortar” locations. The amount of work and sacrifice that goes into starting a small business is something nobody can plan for. It’s intense and a lot of stress. But the moment you make your first sale, or the day you connect with your first customer, it makes all your hard work worth it. To think that someone in the world came to your business and spent money they earned on something you’re offering, something that you love and feel passionate about – the feeling is immeasurable.

Not all of us were born with the entrepreneurial spirit. But most of us were born with the shopping one!

This is where organizedCHAOSonline steps up. It’s our job, dear shopping obsessed friends, to support these businesses on Saturday, November 30th, and on into the future.

What started back in 2010 by American Express to shine a spotlight on small and local businesses, has turned into a nationally observed holiday where we shop the passions of our peers. It is officially called “Small Business Saturday.”

Throw it out on social media, and you’ll see that you’re not the only one tweeting, posting on Facebook and even promoting in your Instagram feed with the hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday.

Where should you shop?

Thanks for asking. Here’s our list of businesses you’ll want to shop this Small Business Saturday as recommended by the people we trust the most -YOU! The more this post gets shared, the more people will hear about these businesses. Click the share buttons below to help promote these hard-working businesses!

Start shopping!!



Custom Apparel

Rhinestone Sash:

  • Custom rhinestone sashes, shirts, etc for any occasion


Invitations and Papercraft

Pretty Pink Posh:

  • Embellishments for crafting projects

Stephanie Creekmur

  • Online stationery boutique and graphic design studio[


Bags, Clutches, Purses

Grandma’s Little Lilly:

  • Coupon Organizers, EReader Cases, iphone wallets

Hayden J:

  • Handcrafted bags, totes, clutches, etc.


Art, Illustrations, Prints & Photography

Charlie Duncan Photography

  • From portraits, to product shots, fine art for your walls, to mentoring

Otturatore Photography:

  • Specializing in newborn, children, and seniors and family photography

Flapper Doodle:

  • Illustrations of 1920’s flappers Eloise and Ramona, assorted illustrated goodies

I Love It All:

  • Subway art prints, posters, mini books, journals, greeting cards

Eryn Marie Designs

  • Decorative murals, hand painted furnishings and custom murals



Hardwear Designs:

  • Mixed media jewelry and art


  • Handmade Map and Book Cufflinks, Jewellery, and Decor

Olive Yew

  • Handmade trendy gold jewelry. Simple designs.


  • Artisan jewelry

The Noisy Cricket:

  • Personalized hand stamped sterling jewelry


Mens/Womens Clothing

Morton James Boutique:

  • Well curated mens and womens clothing and accessories
well curated clothing and accessories
well curated clothing and accessories


Children’s Clothing and Toys


  • Modern clothing for your little one

Addison Renee Boutique

  • Hair bows and a new line of boy accessories


Fitness, Health & Beauty

Nerium with Terri Yankovich

  • Skincare products


Housewares, Home Decor and Gifts

Oh Little Rabbit:

  • Eco Friendly, Organic, Hand Printed Housewares & Gifts

Printing Grounds:

  • Handcrafted wares for you and your home

re.Served by Victoria:

  • Reclaimed serving and home decor pieces customized with hand-drawn updates

Tennessee Sweet Tea Creations:

  • Handcrafted home decor

Aedriel Originals

  • Distinctive tableware and earthenware home accents



B is for Buttons:

  • Original buttons for all occasions, or make your own

Sisters Whimzy

  • Totes, bags, trunksters and other fun things. Will personalize.

C Jayne Teach

  • Organizational products for classrooms and educators

Flow Yoga Designs

  • Hand painted yoga mats and products all inspired by yoga

Haus of Ariella:

  • Jewelry, photography, home decor


Events and Party Supplies

Oh Goodie Designs

  • Custom party products. Event consulting and coordinating company


Giving Back, Nonprofit, Feel Good Shopping

Art to Aid

  • Artists of all kinds donating profits from art sales for charities you nominate


patti and tawsha

Our Personal Message To You

Our Personal Message To You

It’s been awhile since we’ve communicated so we wanted to give you an update…in video form…because we never have.

We welcome comments, questions, suggestions or anything super random that may pop into your head – Like seeing a fly (you’ll understand what we mean after watching the vid).

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