I Want Privacy in My Backyard!

Do you ever just want to carve out a chunk of your backyard that’s cut off from the rest of the world? Your very own little santuary? Yeah, me too. Last year I was determined to create my own space that I could go hide and read in peace and quiet without neighbors or passerbys distracting me.  My first choice was a 12 foot fence with a moat and drawbridge…

Photo Credit: Cahir Castle Portcullis Photographer: Kevin King

Photo Credit: Cahir Castle Portcullis Photographer: Kevin King

What, too extreme? In looking for inspiration, I spent a few hours on Pinterest, got sidetracked, but ended up with some great appetizer recipes!  Then I headed on over to Hometalk. If you’ve never been to Hometalk and need decorating, landscaping, home DIY projects and tons more home and garden ideas, you have GOT to check it out.

Hometalk Inspiration

Combining several ideas I found there, my hubby and I built privacy panels for our downstairs patio. It worked out perfectly and we love them! I posted them HERE last year, and also put the step-by-step instructions on Hometalk. We had sooo many great comments and suggestions on the post. It seems there are a lot of us out there who need a place to hide away after a long crazy-ass workday.

Jump on over to Hometalk real quick and spend a little time looking around. I created a board there, packed with some unique ideas for outdoor privacy screens. If you click on the image below, it will take you right to the board. Hometalk is basically like Pinterest, but it’s much more focused on Home and Garden. Tons of ideas and instructions, from normal ‘ol people like us, for building, fixing, creating, and repurposing.

Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas | organizedchaosonline.com

Board on Hometalk |OrganizedCHAOSonline.com

There’s also a really cool “Ask a question” feature. There were some nasty bugs killing my plants last year. I took a picture of those bad boys, and asked if anyone could identify them. . Holy moly! Some garden experts identified the culprits and gave me some great advice on how to get rid of them that worked like a charm. Give it a try! While you’re there, follow us!

If you’ve made yourself a cozy little haven in your backyard, I’d love to know about it. Just comment below to share it, and if you’ve posted it on your blog, include the link so we can see!

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