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January is National Get Organized Month.  It’s time. This season my excessive-ness has finally gotten to me. I have purged my house hundreds of times in the past, but I still continue to hold on to certain items, or piles of items, for one reason or another. I’m a hugely sentimental person, so letting go of anything that is connected to a memory is really difficult for me. That’s my biggest purging downfall. I have finally become so tired of arranging and rearranging all my “stuff”, that I think I just may be able to put on those big girl panties, don a pair of those bad-ass yellow Playtex gloves, and overcome my biggest purging downfall by finally cutting that stuff loose.

I discovered I’m not alone in this. There are a lot of reasons that keep us from  tossing the things we don’t use, and a majority of them are based on fear. Below is a list of the most common reasons people have given for hanging on to their stuff. I was surprised at how many of them I had heard myself give as an explanation for re-storing a box instead of chucking it.

Through the rest of this month, we’ll offer suggestions for ways you can overcome whatever emotion it is that’s keeping you from Cutting. The. Crap.

“I may need it some day”

“I’m afraid of running out of them”

“I may not be able to afford a new one when I need it”

“I’m going to do something with this”

“I’m saving it to put in my yard sale”

“I’m going to sell this on Etsy/eBay”

“It brings back memories”

“I’ve always loved this”

“But it still works”

“I paid a lot of money for it”

“I got it free”

“It’s perfect to put things in”

“It was on sale”

“It’s a collectible”

“Someday it will be worth something”

“It was a gift”

I know, right? Did you hear yourself? Are you ready to purge, but don’t know where to begin? Click HERE to get started.

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