Do you find this to be inspiring or overwhelming?

A lot of us moms look down at our lower stomach pooch (or more – let’s be honest) and dream of the days where we could rock a pair of pants without that ever-present waist roll from leggings, tights, you-choose-your-pant.

Kelly Ripa hasn’t ever been big, per se, but she has had years where she struggled with her weight, whether it was physical or emotional. We’ve all been there at some point, haven’t we? Instead of just letting it go, she did something about it.

You can feel how you want about the always energetic Kelly Ripa but you can’t deny her hard work and determination. No, you can’t. Nope. I won’t hear of it.

Kelly goes to the gym 7 days a week, she has a ton of money, special classes she takes, access to the best foods (and even someone to prepare it if she wants). It hardly seems fair to compare ourselves to someone who has that kind of privilege.

What if I told you that I knew someone with a body JUST as incredible (actually, more healthy-looking), has no access to any high end food, diet plans, trainers and consultants. Oh, and this person has two kids and an aversion to the kitchen. The pics say “PP” which is referring to “postpartum”. Yep, that second baby was JUST born!

Now we’re talkin’!

This is Coral and she is our go-to QUICK, CHEAP and EASY fitness friend. We’re busy, we don’t have gobs of money and, if we’re being truthful, the whole thought of trainers, special plans, babysitters to go to the gym and all that business is just too much some days. Most days. Have I mentioned that Coral DOES NOT like to work out. Thank goodness, someone who gets it.

Coral fitness

via Instagram @coral_forfitngiggles

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