Christmas cards the quick and easy way


If you are thinking about sending Christmas cards this year, well, bless you. You are in the minority and are single-handedly keeping the act of personal connection alive. Yay 1950’s!

Aside from getting cards, writing in them, sealing the envelopes and driving the giant pile to the *gasp* post office; what’s the most tedious part of sending cards?¬†GATHERING THOSE FREAKING ADDRESSES!

Think about this for a second: When was the last time you sent snail mail to your second cousin or that aunt who lives in…wait…where did she move to? Do they winter in Florida or was that just last year?

See? It’s a pain.

Postable, friends. Go with Postable.

Almost since their launch, we have been using Postable and it’s insanely easy. Seeing the growth and how much the site helps our fellow busy people makes us a teensy bit proud.

No, we aren’t being paid to write any of this.

Postable Address Book


You create a free account where you can act as a person, a couple or a business.

Once you’re in, you may import any addresses you have, enter them manually or just send your account link and everyone can enter their OWN mailing address. This means NO. WORK. FOR. YOU.

Your friends and family will receive your link, click and then enter their address. All of your addresses will go into one place – in your account.

Check it out.

This is what your friends and family will see when you send them your link (this is ours)


When it comes time to send those holiday cards, you’ll have everything in one place. Did someone forget to enter their address? This means no card for them. See? It’s not your fault. Lezzzzbehonest… you haven’t talked to them in years anyway.


digital christmas cards postable


Oh, but wait. What if you don’t have your cards already?

Turns out, Postable has cards you can fill out online and have sent to the homes of your friends and family. What’s more? You can fill out just one message and have them sent to everyone.


postable christmas cards


It’s looking like my family just MAY get a card from ours this holiday season.

This is too easy. Too freaking easy.

We’re in love.

tawsha connell

Christmas card photo credit: Lauren Manning via photopin cc