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Every day, the first thing I look at when I log on to my computer is my home page. I have been using iGoogle for a really long time. It was so simple because I could add apps to the page that had all my blog feeds, bookmarks, entertainment news, regular news and even quick reference stories. It’s my lifeline.

Last year, Google announced that iGoogle would be going away on November 1, 2013. That seemed like forever so I didn’t think much about it. My response is typically “I’ll get to it after this…”.

Well, this Friday is November 1, 2013. Turns out, forever eventually gets here.

Naturally, I’m figuring something out very last minute. True to form, I finally try something that has been talked about for a while now, it’s easy to set up and I stay up late customizing it. That’s how I roll. The thing that has been talked about is called NetVibes.

Pre-planning just isn’t my thing. There’s no adrenaline or stress. That’s no fun.

I have just finished adding my favorite feeds (and, eh hem, entertainment news sites) to my home page.

It’s All Customizable

You can choose all your apps (feeds, information, to do lists, etc), the color of your background, the color of your header, the theme, the setup and the color of each of your app title bars. You can ALSO change the layout and it’s all drag and drop. So. Easy.

Take a Peek at My Apps

Choosing what works best for you is essential. I wouldn’t typically share what I have on my page because it doesn’t really benefit you. However, being a very visual person and someone who needs to see the “big picture” before doing anything, I thought I’d share a little peek at my home page so you can determine whether or not this is a good fit for you.

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desktop news feed organized chaos online

I have now set my personal NetVibes account to be my home page (see instructions below if you don’t know how to do this). Once I get used to having it, I’ll probably move things around and either add or delete apps. I can already think of things I’ll need like recipes and beauty tips. Hey, don’t judge. I am a total know-it-all. I don’t like being left out of the loop.

It’s Free

No explanation needed. Sign up for the personal account…unless you’d like to do more.

What are you using that makes online life easier?

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Instructions on how to set any website as your home page:

Go to the website of your choice. May I recommend organizedCHAOSonline or our feed on Bloglovin? Oh, look at that…I just did.

Once you are currently on the site you’d like to have pop up every time you open your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), go to the tab at the top of your page. It’s typically on the top left. You’ll see a drop down menu. Here’s what you do next:

  • Click OPTIONS
  • You’ll see another OPTIONS. Click that.
  • You have now clicked OPTIONS and then OPTIONS
  • Under the GENERAL tab, you’ll see a section labeled STARTUP
  • Just look for “Set my home page as” and a  place to enter the web address (URL)
  • Enter the web address and click SAVE
  • Just like that, you did it.

This is what it looks like in Firefox

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set home page screen shot