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All I can think about is cooler weather, cute sweaters, pulling out those boots, drinking warm drinks and a cozy home. I’m literally sitting in 90 degree heat and can’t wait for it to go away. Ask me how I feel about all this in February and I’ll be begging for the heat.

While dreams of fall are dancing through our heads, we should take advantage of our excitement and get a bit done. You haven’t turned on your fireplace in awhile, your gutters may be all mucked up, your air filters have still been working (even though you may not think much about it) and the inside of your house has started a nice little dust collection in the places you don’t see until company arrives.

Fall preparation includes both indoor and outdoor projects.

Many of the following projects can be completed now or two months from now. Simply download the document at the end of this post, print and place in a visible area so you aren’t too late to complete a project.


  • Clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Spray off house, patio and/or deck.
  • Wash outdoor furniture.
  • Clean grill.
  • Scrub down outdoor play equipment and toys (prep to cover).
  • Drain and store garden hoses.
  • Blow out sprinklers.
  • Trim back and tend to any outdoor plants and bushes (prep to cover).


  • Replace air filters.
  • Clean fireplace and chimney.
  • Check (test) heat/furnace.
  • Clean fans and vents.
  • Clean off any spiderwebs and/or cobwebs.
  • Touch-up paint.
  • Change and replace light bulbs.
  • Clean the oven.
  • Replace batteries on smoke and carbon dioxide alarms.
  • Clean refrigerator (including the coils around back).
  • Rearrange cupboards and drawers to place all baking, crockpot and winter-time cooking supplies near the front.
  • Clean carpets.
  • Flip mattresses.
  • Change the candle or wax scents for the season.
  • Rearrange closets (summertime clothing in the back and cute winter stuff in the front).
  • Clean out toy bins and kids’ play areas. Donate toys.
  • Dust like crazy.
  • Do an all-over deep clean. This includes baseboards, walls, doors, etc.

Shall we start this party early, friends? I, for one, am in. I am so sick of the same dirty places in my house and am ready to get rid of everything. My house just feels gross sometimes.

Have I said too much?



Follow our free checklist exactly or add projects of your own.

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