DIY reward magnet chart

My son has been a total butthead lately. Yes, I meant to write that. No, I’m not sorry. It’s amazing how you can love someone so much your heart feels like it’s going to burst into a million pieces but at the same time can feel so frustrated by their actions. My son started kindergarten and has been telling his teacher that he’s too tired to work on his writing. I’m talking a full-on debate. Thankfully, his teacher is amazing and doesn’t play his games. My son may be tired by the end of the day but what on EARTH are you thinking telling your teacher that?

In an effort to get my son on track (without nagging), we created a magnet chart together.

Why not stickers?

I didn’t want to make one thing and be able to use it for just one purpose. I wanted to be able to add to, take from and edit when the mood strikes. Plus, this won’t be the only time my son will be in need of some sort of reward system.

This board lives on our refrigerator and it was the EASIEST thing to make. Plus, it cost us less than 10 for everything.

Magnet board organized CHAOS online

  1. Magnetic whiteboard. We found ours at the grocery store in the clearance back to school items. Don’t pay a ton for it.
  2. Decorative buttons. I used wire clippers to clip the loop off each button to make the back flat.
  3. Magnets. I hot glued these to the back of the decorative buttons as well as the whiteboard (if no magnets are already there)
  4. Wet Erase. These are dry erase pens that flow like liquid chalk pens. They are vibrant and are easier to read.

Each great report sent home from my son’s teacher earns one magnet. 10 magnets equals a toy. We are four days into this whole project. As you can see, we’re at two magnets.

I need a drink.

tawsha connell