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Sh*t happens. It just does. It can happen at home, at work, on a first date or when you least expect it. You’re human. Most people don’t talk about it – that makes me laugh. I’m soooooo not the type of person to be embarrassed about potty talk but I also don’t want the reality of people knowing when I did it.

How many of you non-potty talkers are squirming right about now? Are you reading this in a Starbucks or at work and constantly looking over your shoulder to see who is seeing you read this?


Well, I’m writing it in a Starbucks. Make you feel better?

Back to topic…

poo pourri crap shooter

For Christmas, my in laws bought me a spray called “Poo-Pourri” that masks the stinky poo 100%. It’s seriously the most amazing thing ever invented! I went online to buy out every scent available but it’s some pricey stuff. Remind me to thank my in-laws, again, for dropping $15 on poo spray. It has saved lives. I’ll let them know that, too.

When on a budget, resort to DIY.

We are now sharing with you our version of poo spray called SMELLY POO!

It’s so easy, it’s ridiculous. You need essential oils, a small spray bottle and some water. We have included all supplies (with a bunch of options) in our store HERE so you can have it all sent to your house at once. We’re doing this because you can make an infinite number of scent varieties for so little. Christmas presents, anyone?

In more detail…


Use a 5 oz-ish bottle to follow the “recipe”. As you can see, this is very specific.

Aluminum Spritzer2. WATER

I’m choosing to use distilled water. The “recipe” calls for 8 oz.

distilled water


The actual “recipe” suggest 10 drops each of Bergamont, Grapefruit and Lemongrass oils

holiday essential oils



What about a holiday blend? You can go all fall-like and spice it up or create a perfect Christmas scent. No, I’m not kidding. How amazeballs would that be?

Who, me? No, I was just in the restroom freshening up.

You’ll notice the fresh holiday scent.”

We also have summer scents, a box of “favorites” and more in our STORE.


When you head into the restroom to…um… “freshen up” spray one or two spritzes of your new SMELLY POO!


Here’s the deal: When you go to the bathroom and flush, the particles escape the toilet and dissipate into your air. Your BREATHING air. Gross, right? The scent goes with it. If you create a solid barrier (whether it’s SMELLY POO, your rear or the lid of the toilet), stop those particles from escaping. Don’t let the world know your secret – you are human and you actually poo.

tawsha connell