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I’ve always been a fairly crafty person…sewing, crocheting, stamping, etc. etc. A few years ago, it seemed that everybody I worked with was into quilting. So, I decided this would be my next passion. I now have a pile of unfinished quilts. I sadly had to admit that quilting wasn’t my thing. Because I lean heavily toward ADD, I need to have projects that I can do quickly, and quilting just isn’t one of those crafts. The OCD in me though is intrigued by the symmetry of quilting patterns.

If you don’t have OCD tendancies, this may sound insane to you, but seeing these blocks all lined up makes me feel tidy and calm…similar to the feeling you get when you finish cleaning your kitchen. Your welcome for the glimpse inside the mind of an OCD person. So anyway…


This pattern, “Tumbling Blocks” is my all time favorite. I love that when you look at it long enough, you get different perspectives of the boxes. Try it. Stare at the boxes thinking of the patterned piece as the top of the box. Now look at it as the pattern being the bottom of the boxes. Jumps right out at you, doesn’t it? Love it!


After attempting several quilts and not being able to stick with the project long enough, it occurred to me to simplify things by recreating the pattern using scrapbook paper glued on canvas.This project is so easy and so versatile. You can use any combination of patterns, colors, etc., but the combination that I’ve found gives the blocks the most depth is using one piece that has a pattern, one piece with a dark color, and the last piece a lighter color.

To create this wall art, all you need are these few supplies:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Mod-Podge
  • Canvas (any size)

You can get all of these at any craft store, or you can order the supplies from Amazon HERE


  1. Download the block templates below and print on card stock.
  2. Cut out the three template pieces.
  3. Using the scrapbook paper you’ve chosen, decide the pattern for your blocks.
  4. Using the #1 template, cut pieces from the paper you’ve decided on for the left side of the block.
  5. Using the #2 template, cut pieces from the paper you’ve decided on for the right side of the block.
  6. Using the #3 template, cut pieces from the paper you’ve decided on for the top of the block.
  7. Start anywhere you’d like on your canvas, and just start gluing the pieces on, in the block pattern (see template below for the pattern).

That’s it! You can stop the blocks anywhere you want (I wanted the contrast of the white canvas to show in some places because I like the way it defines the boxes)…or you can fill up your whole canvas. You can taper the “Pile” of boxes from high to low and end with a single block.

organizedCHAOSonline - tumbling blocks template[paiddownloads id=”38″]

I’m obsessed with this. I’ve also thought it might look really cool to cut the pieces out of images. Would it give the blocks the same depth? Or what about just white pieces outlined in black? Hmmm…

We’d love to see what you came up with. Send us pictures at organized CHAOS online!

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