DIY pore strip

TIP OF THE DAY: Create your own pore strips with only a small pack of gelatin (not the entire box – it comes with 4 packs) and a bit of milk.

I tried with exact measurements and it’s different every time.

Put gelatin in a disposable cup or bowl. Add some milk and stir with a plastic spoon or, if you have it, one of those teeny tiny spatulas. Add milk only until a thick paste is created. Then, QUICKLY, spread the mixture on any area of your face with clogged pores.

Warning: If you have even the slightest peach fuzz on that face-o-yours, get ready for those eyes to water.

Let paste dry.

Peel like a mother.

You’ll be all refreshed and clean as a whistle.

Ghetto, yes. It works, though.