Source: Pro Beauty Blog

Source: Pro Beauty Blog

TIP OF THE DAY: Condense your lipsticks into a pill organizer. You can find the ones that pull apart. That way, you can take your entire collection or just one color for the day or night. To label the colors, peel off the sticker on the bottom of the tube of lipstick and transfer it to your new organizer.

The product pictured above is by Muji for less than $4.

You could also opt for stackables like this:

Source: Retro Wombat

Source: Retro Wombat

Find stackables for less than $6 HERE.

Here’s how to go about it:


  • Butter knife (or something similar)
  • Small spatula (or something to dig your lipstick out of the tube with)
  • Cotton ball
  • Alcohol (the rubbing kind – although, you can drink if you’d like…just not the rubbing alcohol)
  • Pill organizer
  • Candle (optional)
  • Spoon (optional) – Now this is starting to sound like I’m into drugs. Keep reading…

*Why the candle and spoon? If you want your lipsticks to appear smooth and not chunky, you can warm them for a SHORT amount of time in a spoon over the flame of a candle. I’m talking very short amount of time or you’ll burn your lipstick. It looks pretty if you do this, though. Just sayin’.


  1. Light your candle
  2. Clean your knife with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball
  3. Let knife dry
  4. Slowly turn your lipstick while using your butter knife to “slice” off your lipstick.
  5. Use your spatula (that, too, should be clean) to dig the remainder of the lipstick out of the tube.
  6. Put lipstick in a spoon (little by little) and let melt just enough to pour into the individual compartments of the pill organizer.
  7. Clean your knife and spatula with the rubbing alcohol and let dry.
  8. Repeat for each color.

I don’t know…having all these supplies on hand could very well get you arrested. I just read through the list of things you’ll need and I appear very shady. Oh, what we’ll do for beauty.

Pretty brilliant, right?

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