Planning a move? I still think this seems like the most simple way to do it. Don’t you think it would be awesome to give your house a good clean, secure everything in place and then pack the entire house on a truck for a move to your new location?

Turns out, that’s not possible for about 99% of us.

We will be posting a 3-part moving series that will apply and be helpful to those moving in or out of a home you own, rent, a dorm or any other place where you have to pack loads of stuff you didn’t even realize you owned and make the place look pretty when you vacate.

Tips for Moving – Part 1: Packing

Just scroll down and discover easy tips for moving, how to stay organized, the proper way to pack a box and tips on your “first night survival kit.”

Tips for Moving – Part 2: Cleaning & Repairs

Coming soon. We’ll share quick tips on how to efficiently clean your home making it look spotless with the least amount of effort. It will appear as if you hired a cleaning company…all the way down to the driveway.

Tips for Moving – Part 3: Inexpensive DIY Home Updates

Coming soon. Are you staging your house to sell or are you moving into a less than new home? We’ll share tips and how-to’s on update your home making it appear more high priced than it actually is. We all like quick-fixes to make us feel a bit more high class, right?

There are a few simple tips to remember, a few other websites to browse for packing how to’s and ways to organize your move so you know where everything is when you get to your new home.


1. Create a moving binder and/or moving log. (use a color-code system for your boxes)

Click for moving a moving binder how-to.  Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Click for moving a moving binder how-to.
Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Click for instructions Source: Shannon Brown

Click for instructions
Source: Shannon Brown

2. Separate plates and bowls with disposable foam plates and bowls. For a more environmentally friendly version, choose corrugated cardboard or even dishtowels. 

The Frugal Girls (click image for more)

The Frugal Girls
(click image for more)

3. Wrap Glad Press n Seal over any miscellaneous home items that could fall out or get messy in the move.

More Press n Seal tips at (click image for more)

More Press n Seal tips at OrgJunkie
(click image for more)

4. Wrap your clothes in a trash bag while they still hang in the closet.

The Wicker House  (for more packing tips, click here)

The Wicker House
(for more packing tips, click here)

5. Use socks to pack perfume bottles or fragile items.


6. Everything soft is packing material. This will help you save on bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. Hello linen closet!

linen closet

7. Before you get boxes, start packing up suitcases, laundry hampers, garbage cans, storage bins, etc.

old suitcases

8. You can get FREE BOXES at colleges (head to the computer lab), book stores, liquor stores, craigslist and even behind major stores like Target and WalMart.

A lot of times you can go in and ask for the boxes or you can go dumpster diving. In the recycled box container. Be careful…we won’t take responsibility for your diving injuries.

box dumpster

9. Tape nuts and bolts to the furniture in which it belongs.

taping parts to furniture

10. Create a moving day survival kit.

You will be moving into a place that is completely empty (unless you just won the lottery and are buying everything new and it’s waiting for you – but I digress). Be of the mindset that you are camping. What would you need for night one?

survival kit

  • A suitcase loaded with a couple changes of clothing (including sleepwear)
  • Toiletry kit
  • Towels
  • Daily medication
  • Quick food (non perishable)
  • Plastic utensils
  • Bottled water
  • Bed linens and blankets (or sleeping bags)
  • Pillows
  • Pet food (if applicable)
  • Small tools
  • Flashlights
  • Phone charger
  • Towels
  • Cleaning supplies (just some basics)
  • Games and/or toys for kids
  • (more survival packing tips at The Joyful Organizer)

11. No matter the distance of your move, do it as if you’re moving cross country.

You’ll be more efficient if you pack a big truck one time and unload it one time.

truck backed into house


tawsha connell