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The 20 Minute DIY Tote

Even for non-sewers


 I’ve been looking for a little tote to make, but didn’t want something that would turn into a major ordeal. I found this simple little tutorial that claimed this bag could be made in 20 minutes. Well…I didn’t actually time myself, but even dividing my attention between working on the project while attempting to decrease my full Hulu queue, I was  able to crank this out from start to finish in one Revenge episode! …read more

DIY Knot-ical Candles

Just like Martha Stewart-ish


I saw these on The Martha Stewart show. I felt so bad for the girl showing how to make these because Martha kept interrupting her. The longer I watched the show, I noticed Martha interrupts everybody, and the poor guests become visibly stressed because they know their time is running out. Wow, totally got derailed there, sorry. …read more

6 Minute Microwave Caramels


Welcome to the “Botched Bakery”. I’m Tawsha. I like to bake but I always think I know of a better way. I assume that a professionally created treat doesn’t require any formal training prior to the perfect product and the creative side of my brain won’t allow me to follow recipes. I may have a little streak of defiance when it comes to rules. Most times, the end result of my baked creations can only be described as BOTCHED. Step inside. The bakery smells like fresh burnt goods and Grandma’s famous cookies (thanks to the scented candles). …read more

Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts (by moms)


When you’re prepping for a baby (especially your first), you register for all sorts of great things: Onesies, bedding, cute clothes, strollers, a crib – the whole nine yards. All that stuff is necessary.

What other things will you be completely dependent on when you are living on virtually zero sleep, are trying to adjust to this new life where you’re in charge of a human being and …read more

Makeup a Mess? Turn to Alcohol

super-quick-beauty-fixes-broken-eyshadowEverybody’s got their favorite eyeshadow, blush, etc., and with the cost of makeup getting crazy, some of us hang on to them until the bitter end, even if you have to chase the broken pieces around with your brush or you have to undo two rubber bands holding the thing together before you use it.  …read more

Why I Don’t Workout


Ever since I can remember, I’ve been active. I like finding things to do and I also wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Not the point, here, but it was my goal.

I continued to dance through high school. Gawd, what I would give to have those legs again and slack in my t-shirt. I remember wanting to have a slender long-legged figure …read more

How to Set a Table. Simple tricks by Kelly Ripa


I was a HUGE fan of LIVE with Regis and Kelly and then LIVE with Kelly. In fact, when she was doing the Coast to Coast Co-Host contest, I applied. I made the top 10. I was shocked they even acknowledged me. The ride was pretty wild (and so fast). I thought my life would change overnight. Errrmmm. It didn’t. It’s a cool story, though. …read more

Simple Ways to Hide Cords


When we moved into our house (three years this July), we temporarily ran our cable cord from an office to my son’s playroom via the ceiling. Again, this was temporary …read more

Make Your Own Suckers using JELL-O


…Oh dear. We’re losing control. The thermometer isn’t reaching the right temperature and my butter is now browning! I’ve run into this problem with Rice Krispy treats once. Yes, you read that right “Problem with Rice Krispy treats.” I swear I’ve got a piece of my brain missing. It’s the one that connects logic with cooking. …read more

Keep Mosquitoes Away. Why am I so attractive?


Most everything I do is excessive. I don’t just have a pleasant conversation, I throw my arms around, support every statement with a personal story, and talk like I’ve just eaten a handful of speed. I’ve never just had a “job”. I end up living, breathing and owning it. I have trouble buying just one of something. If one’s good, four is probably best. I’ve tried changing this probable mental malfunction,  but  have now pretty much accepted that it’s just how I’m wired …read more

I Feel Naked (Patti’s first personal blog)


Hi. I’m Patti, and I’m a blogger.

And so it begins. The first post of my first personal blog. This is really going to be a challenge for me. If you know me personally, you’ll know I’m basically shy and lacking a little in confidence. If you haven’t met me but you’ve read posts I’ve written for Organized Chaos Online, that might surprise you. Passing along information with an occasional burst of personality …read more

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


We are last minute people, so coming up with ideas for Mother’s Day feels like we’re hanging out with the cool kids. You know, the ones who arrive early, are always prepared and don’t go shopping for cards the night before a celebration (not that you’d see us. Um…er…) …read more