I was a HUGE fan of LIVE with Regis and Kelly and then LIVE with Kelly. In fact, when she was doing the Coast to Coast Co-Host contest, I applied. I made the top 10. I was shocked they even acknowledged me. The ride was pretty wild (and so fast). I thought my life would change overnight. Errrmmm. It didn’t. It’s a cool story, though.

While life for Kelly may be a bit more luxe than it used to be, she still seems to have trouble with being looked at as a celeb. All of this may be smoke and mirrors but I choose to believe it.

I learn from TV. Yep, sure do. I remember people, remember facts and remember tips. I’m such a visual person. Kelly Ripa has taught me something that I use every single time I set the table for a gathering. With summertime entertaining and the season for having people over is approaching, this tip should be very helpful. All you need are two hands.

Bread and Drinks:

  • TIP: Put both hands in front of you. Touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of the thumb, each on the same hand. Like an “ok” sign. What do you see? The left hand makes a lower-case b and the right hand makes a lower-case d. B = bread on left and D = drinks on right.


  • 4 letters on Left and 5 letters on right.
  • FORK is the only utensil that has 4 letters. They all go on the left.
  • KNIFE and SPOON each have 5 letters. They go on the right. The knife is taller so it goes first.

tawsha connell