When you’re prepping for a baby (especially your first), you register for all sorts of great things: Onesies, bedding, cute clothes, strollers, a crib – the whole nine yards. All that stuff is necessary.

What other things will you be completely dependent on when you are living on virtually zero sleep, are trying to adjust to this new life where you’re in charge of a human being and feeling like everything is coming at you all at once? Well, we made a a Top 10 List of Must-Gift Items for a baby shower.

I’m not saying that you should abandon the registry by any means because new mamas need all sorts of things. I’m just saying that while you’re out shopping, perhaps you can pick up one of these things to add to your gift in order to equip the new mom with the things she’ll need but doesn’t know about yet.

  1. Baby Briefcase – This little organizational tool is one of the most helpful and most-used items in our home (when it comes to kid-stuff). The baby briefcase just offers a very simple filing system for all the paperwork you’ll receive and collect throughout your child’s life. I used mine immediately following delivery. No joke. How about they give us a quick second to recover? Nah, that would be too simple.
  2. Little Giraffe Chenille Blanky – So many kids find comfort in a blanket or stuffed animal. I was gifted this chenille blanky and didn’t know the magical powers of this small piece of fabric. Almost 5 years later and it’s still holding strong, goes to bed with my son every single night (without fail) and isn’t this clunky go-to soft item. Coming from someone who likes to be efficient, this works perfectly. Yes, I just talked about my son’s comfort item as an efficient piece in our life. I gift it to others and haven’t ever heard of someone not using it. I’m telling you: MAGIC!
  3. Booginhead Pacigrip – Kids (starting with infancy) don’t get how GROSS¬† floors, walls and seats can get. Plus, you don’t have time to continuously pick up that paci over and over and over and over again. You get my point. Connect it to that little bundle of joy and you’re not having to find or fish for that paci with a cranky baby.
  4. Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion – This lotion does for babies just like it would do for us. The calming lavender scent slows the world down and lulls our little ones into a comfy sleep. Again, magic.
  5. Aquaphor – I’ve used this for everything from eczema to dry skin. I even put it on scrapes. It’s awesome stuff!
  6. Little Tummy’s Gas Relief Drops – When the babies can’t talk, we have to guess. More times than not, gas was the issue. We bought this stuff by the case. Mylecon is also a good choice.
  7. Boogie Wipes – I’m not quite sure how this is possible but kids seem to have a never-ending supply of bodily fluids. Instead of using tissues, we use Boogie Wipes. They don’t make the little one’s noses raw after the 7849647854th time of cleaning snot off their face.
  8. Jewel Lullaby – I wish I would have known about this album earlier. We just started listening to it and now it’s on every¬† night. There’s nothing cheesy about any of the songs. They are all just very well done and soothing.
  9. Boppy Pillow – You can use this for cradling the baby while feeding, for propping the baby up, to tuck under your boobs or to just wear around when you’ve forgotten you had it around your waist. What? Don’t tell me I’m the only one! Grab a couple cute covers for this and you’re all set.
  10. Hook n’ Stroll Strollery Accessory – It seems that with a teeny tiny baby, also comes arm loads of stuff. You can’t do it all on your own. Hang your purse, shopping bags, totes, whatever, from these hooks. Push the stroller without sweating it out while balancing extra bags.

Also, some additional items include a post pregnancy tummy wrap (suck all that extra business in) and diapers. Diapers of all sizes.

So…what did we forget? Comment below with your go-to items for new moms.

To find all the items in one place, click HERE and start shopping!

tawsha connell