mirror shot

Hi! That’s me. Almost always.

I say that I wear yoga pants every day. I am not kidding. Not one little bit. Oh, and no makeup.

Not the point of this post. I just needed some sort of intro so I wasn’t jumping right into a story seemingly out of nowhere.

I’m planning to blog regularly on this site. Mom and I each have our own personal pages within the site so we can express ourselves without any limitations and/or finding a category for it to fit in.

I am a little bit of everything. I get the sweats when someone asks me to write a bio because I have no idea where to start (and then make it concise). My mind goes blank when someone asks, “What is it you do?” How assy do I sound when I say “everything“? Which I have done on more than one occasion.

My attention span is short, I go through phases of interest and I’m trying my absolute best to live in the moment. Part of this means cutting off social media at 6pm my time until 6am the following day so I can focus on my own life rather than feeling like everyone else is having the fun. Turns out, I have a pretty great life…if I can kick a few hundred insecurities and enjoy the here and now.

That being said, I’m going to blog. I don’t know what about. This could be full of random facts I blurt out.

It will be personal, I can promise you that.

My blog won’t be “promoted” on the main page of our site and this is absolutely your choice to read it. Gah. I say that as if you don’t have a choice otherwise.

My Life:

  • Son who is 4
  • Husband of 11 years (nothing normal about our relationship)
  • Went from morning radio to unemployed in a hot second
  • Have started multiple businesses
  • Author
  • Dying to meet great neighbors…after living here for almost 4 years
  • Have major family drama
  • Need to lose around 50 pounds
  • On a budget – no cable – means no Real Housewives of ______
  • Dye my own hair, wax my own eyebrows
  • Have been told TWICE that I’m the ugliest person someone has seen (not fishing for compliments, just showing depth)
  • Have had braces twice (result of ugly comment)
  • Been all colors of hair (result of ugly comment)
  • Former runner (of only two years)
  • Former dancer and choreographer
  • Website designer – for me and others
  • Obsessed with connecting friends. Like, massive pride when two great people meet (not love-matches)
  • and then some…just want to make sure I haven’t lost your attention

Am I seriously asking you what I should blog about? Let’s add the “will anyone care to read” insecurity to my list of things I need to work on.

My question to you:

Is a blog about everything and nothing interesting?

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