I’m the queen of late. Organized doesn’t always equal being prompt. Also, plans change.

When plans change and it involves people coming over to the house, that’s when I kick into high gear (not high budget) and try to bring a little life and fun to our decor.

What’s that mean? Do something to add color and cheer and make it look like I’ve got my act together when anyone comes to my home.

I literally walked into WalMart (if you’re judging right now, this is the WRONG site to be visiting), I had a goal of spending no more than $5 to create an Easter/Spring-ish look on the table.

I grabbed:

  • A pack of plastic eggs. ($0.98)
  • A plastic, scalloped Easter basket with a handle, which I removed. ($0.98)
  • A bunch of fresh flowers. ($1.50)
  • A glass vase (I already had it – from the Dollar Store)

Grand total: $3.46

Throw everything together (almost literally) and BOOM, I’ve got an Easter centerpiece.

Do you have any quick, cheap and easy Easter or Spring decor to share? Comment below.

tawsha connell